1. M

    Letting go Taipei/Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot

    Bought the package at a roadshow thus lots of perks/freebies were thrown in. Faster grab this chance for more savings! The pre-wedding photoshoot is with a very well-known bridal shop in Taipei, i.e. France Paris (fpwed) The package includes the following: - 30 Canvas photograph, carved frame...
  2. Kai xuan

    WTS: My Dream wedding AD photography package

    Hi All, letting go of My Dream Wedding photography package at $1,284 (incl GST paid). Amount fully paid to MDW. Package detail: 10 Hour Photography services All soft copy in jpg format unedited Extra hour ($150/hour) Morning Surcharge ($50/hour, before 7am) Album will be ready 2 months after...
  3. S

    Letting go: Yvonne Creative Actual Day Photography (10hr) + make up + hairdo session package

    Hi, I would like to let go of Actual day package by Yvonne Creative ( Inclusive of: 1. Actual day photography (10 hours) - all soft copy return 2. Actual day Make up and hairdo, with hair accessories - 2 sessions (Day & night or lunch) + 1 Trial make up (can be...
  4. 7

    718am photography

    Heyo! Edmund from 718am photography here. Just wanna share my DIY pre-wedding overseas shoot that was published on SingaporeBrides (link to article). Check out my other photos here and if you are looking to do a pre-wedding shoot, feel free to drop me a message!