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Hi BTB, i wanted to sell off / letting go my Melbourne Pre Wedding Package with only $ 3088
Reason for letting go cause i'm mom now! hehe, so will get married Asap now..^^

Package including shooting day's accommodation and transportation ( air ticket not included )
The package also included photographer and make up artist ( ampule and eye lashes including )

Shooting date will be On May or Sept 18
3 day shoot

for more details of the package pls to email me ya!!
[email protected]



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Letting for of a full prewedding and actual day bridal package
It’s a really good deal but have to let go due to personal reasons

actual day photography and videography included

Prewedding shoot/photography consists of:

- 5 pieces of gowns

- 3 sets of suits

- indoor + outdoor 2-3 locations

- makeup and hairdo

- bride and groom’s accessories provided

- 35 photos

- table top photo

- large frame photo


- wedding gown 1 PC with accessories

- evening gown with accessories

- tea dress or KUA

- 2 sets men suits

- 2 makeup + 1 trial

- bridal bouquet with 6 corsages

- bridal car deco

- 10 hours photography all returned

- 10 hours videography all returned

ADDITIONAL (included)

- ROM dress rental x 1

- men suit rental x 1

The above additional items can be exchanged for

- 2 bridesmaid dresses

- 2 dresses for mothers

- 2 suits for fathers

Only deposit paid

Let me know if you’re keen!! I’ll absorb some parts on the deposits. Pls help. Thank you