1. B

    WTS/Selling>>> Bridal Package Actual + Pre Wedding (& Photography) @ $4000 ***2023/2024/2025***

    Dear Brides-to-be, As I am not going ahead with the wedding, I'll be selling my AD and Pre-wed Shoot Package, priced at $4474. Actual Day Package: - 2 Gowns (VIP Gown selection, Kua) - 2 Suits (Ranges from normal suits to tuxedos) - 2 Sessions of Makeup + Hairdo - 8Hrs Photography Pre-wed...
  2. W

    Kai Pictures Photography Package $1k credits

    Hi, am looking to sell away $1k worth of photography credits from Kai Pictures (valid till March 2023) at slight discount. Please PM to discuss.
  3. H

    WTS (INTRICKED) PWS and AD Photography Package

    Hi BTBs, Due to unforeseen circumstances, my Fiancé and I have to bring forward our wedding date. And hence our initial photographer is not able to commit for the new date. I am currently letting go the package: Photographer - Intricked (Instagram) - PWS 3 hours - AD 8 hours Total price: $1,640...
  4. R

    WTS: Pre-wed photography

    Hi, we would like to let go pre-wedding photoshoot package at $400: -2hrs photo session -Validity: Apr 2021 Let me know if you are interested! Thank you!
  5. Emilywong10

    WTS Photography/Videography Credits by Highest Kite Weddings ($1500 for $1000)

    Highest Kite Wedding Credits ($1500 for $1000)
  6. Emilywong10

    Selling away Highest Kite Wedding credits ($1500 for $1000 only) - Valid 18 months

    Due to certain changes, I am unable to proceed with my Actual Day wedding. Selling my purchased credits with the famous Highest Kite Weddings. Their works are renowned and they have produced many outstanding works for top influencers/artistes. You may view their works at...
  7. K

    WTS : AD Photography and Videography

    Hello all! Due to changes in our AD, our photographer is unable to commit to our new date. We have booked the following services at a very affordable price. Vendor has very good reviews, do pm me for brand and price. Package is good to utilise till End 2021. Thanks! Inclusions - 10 Hour...
  8. E

    WTS: Credits for Photography (by Bobby Kiran Yeo) and Videography (by Freyafilms) - $300 off each

    Hi there! I am selling off credits for my photographer and videographer, with details as follows: Photography by Bobby Kiran Yeo (BKY) Price: Selling $1,900 worth of credits for only $1,600 Terms: Can use for any packages under BKY Validity Period: Credits must be use for dates before end 2021...
  9. K

    WTS: PWS and AD Photography Package (valid till 2021)

    Hi all! Am letting go the following PWS and AD photography package. The package validity is until end 2021. Price is about $3200~ for both sessions with a great vendor! (negotiable) PWS Photography Package Up to 3 hours of photography service 2 locations of your choice Complimentary photo...
  10. J

    Wayne Studio

    Hi all, Memories of the wedding day is an important one for all couples, we are usually so caught up in the list of to-dos then we may miss out what happened during the actual day, and it's always heartwarming to look back at those moments with your loved ones. Having just completed my...
  11. S

    WTS: Multifolds 2day PWS New Zealand

    Hi everyone, Currently letting go of a New Zealand pre-wedding shoot with Multifolds that's scheduled for coming Nov. Includes: Photographer airfare Make-up included 2 Days of Lovescapade Photography 100 Colour-edited images 35 Photoshopped images 1 Dear Future Montage [3 Mins] Signature...
  12. J

    Samuel from Pixioo

    Hello all BTBs I'm here to share my incident with Pixioo(Samuel). I believe wedding is an important event and would not like to see other BTBs receive the same treatment as me, from Samuel. My wedding was in June 2014. --- During the 1st meet up in late March, Samuel mentioned to us that he...
  13. W

    Budget photo montage/video

    Hi, I am a freelance editor who can help to transform your photos into a video. Samples can be shown to you. We can discuss to suit your budget. Email me at [email protected]. thanks.
  14. K


    1. Actual day Photography (U.P $1588) - includes 10 hrs of photography and editing - soft copies all included 2. Actual day videographer (U.P $1888) - includes 10 hrs of videography and editing - all raw cuts included 3. Extra add-ons( not included in package) - Express video highlight...
  15. Happiness360

    Pre-wedding shoot at Jewels

    Hi, Does anyone know if Jewels Changi Airport allow shooting for pre-wedding? Any permit to apply? Appreciate if you could let me know.. Much thanks!
  16. V

    free filming for couple 过大礼 process

    Hi, we are a group of Year 2 students from Temasek Polytechnic, Digital Film and Television. Currently, we are working on a documentary project on the topic of Chinese Weddings, thus we are looking for a couple who is having their 过大礼 process either this coming week or next week! We will be...
  17. J

    All-in-Package available for 2019!!

    Getting married soon? Congratulations!!!! Yes, there is an All-in-Package available! If you and your significant other is not looking for ala-carte, THIS IS FOR YOU! From Pre Wedding Shoot (one full day in JB studio) to Actual Day, Videography & Photography (on your wedding day). Everything...
  18. P

    Actual Day Photography Pricing Enquiry & Recommendations, Please...

    Hi all, We'll be having our tea ceremony, followed by a wedding dinner, and after party (all at the Conrad hotel) on October 27th 2018, and would like a photographer to capture the event (6 - 7 hours). Problem is, it's quite last minute, and we have no idea what a reasonable price range is...
  19. J

    Actual Day PG & VG to let go!

    Hi all BTBs, Have an AD package to let go, details as follow: 1 x Photographer (10hours) 1 x Videographer (10hours) + Morning highlight 1 x Photobooth (1hour) - instant print with templates. Limited prints of 100 Looking to sell it at 2k as a whole package. Price is negotiable. Kindly PM me...
  20. X

    Recommendations for Fine Art photographer?

    Hi, anyone has recommendations for fine art photographer for Pre-Wedding and Actual Day? Also, if you have any bad experience with photographers, please PM me privately! Would want to know who's good and who's not recommended. Thanks!