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1. Actual day Photography (U.P $1588)
- includes 10 hrs of photography and editing
- soft copies all included

2. Actual day videographer (U.P $1888)
- includes 10 hrs of videography and editing
- all raw cuts included

3. Extra add-ons( not included in package)
- Express video highlight requires additional $200.00
- 4-way transportation fee for team (e.g cab fees)
- actual day photographer and videographer additional hour (OT) @SGD100 per hour

**Why are we selling?
We bought this package which includes the photoshoot at BOWS which included the actual day as a bundle at a lower than retail price. However, we have decided that we only require the photo shoot items as such we are looking to sell the actual day items at a lower rate compared to their retail pricing.

PM for price!!