WTS: Credits for Photography (by Bobby Kiran Yeo) and Videography (by Freyafilms) - $300 off each


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Hi there!

I am selling off credits for my photographer and videographer, with details as follows:

Photography by Bobby Kiran Yeo (BKY)
Price: Selling $1,900 worth of credits for only $1,600
Terms: Can use for any packages under BKY
Validity Period: Credits must be use for dates before end 2021
Website: http://www.bobbykiranco.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bobbykiranyeo/?hl=en

Videography by Freyaflims
Price: Selling $1,200 worth of credits for only $900
Terms: Can use for any packages under Freyafilms
Validity Period: Credits must be use by end 2021 (but you may book their services for dates beyond 2021)
Website: https://freyafilms.co/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freyafilms/?hl=en

Do PM for more details and thank you!


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Package is still available and do PM for more details!

Credits can be used for any of their packages e.g. for AD or PWS.


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The price for both BKY & FF is for how many hours?

Hi there, the number of hours is dependable on package you wish to sign with them. I am selling credits for BKY and FF, not packages from them :)

You need to consult BKY and FF for their latest rates / packages and what I am selling is a form of cash credit to offset the price of the package you sign with them, which i am letting go at a discount!

Say for example you engaged BKY for 'X' amount of hours of AD photography at $1900. You can buy the $1900 worth of credits from me at $1600, and this means you're only paying to get BKY at $1600 :)

Hope the above clarifies and thanks!


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Hi all! $1900 credits for PG Bobby Kiran Yeo is still available and price is negotiable!

Do PM me if you're interested :)