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Diana & Jason

Feb 2015, Wedding Day

While technical perfection is one of the most important part of any wedding photography, being a storyteller is often a more important task for me: Emotions, passion, those perfectly captured moments. While being a storyteller requires a certain fluidity and spontaneousness, very seldom do our photography aspirations go according to plan. Often, as I do the post-processing work in Lightroom and clicked on a particularly beautiful photo, the first thing that comes to my mind was when and how did I capture that moment? Photography is one of those things in life that have never failed to pleasantly surprise me.

It is not that often that I get to photograph a gatecrashing at the wee morning hours, but what transpired from that point on was beautiful. A joyous bride surrounded by her closest bridesmaid, an extremely enthusiastic groom with his band of merry men, loving and supportive family and friends. Welcome to Diana and Jason’s wedding.

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