About Us

50nfifty Productions was founded by Principal Photographer, Cino Chee, who has been photographing weddings since 2008. Leading a young but hungry crew with diverse backgrounds in film, advertising and fashion, we craft stunning pre-wedding portraits, conceptualised videos, actual day images and clips — curated into a collection of magical memories.


Cino Chee is, in essence, a skillful storyteller. He has the ability to seize upon a special moment, often unnoticed by a lesser eye, to touch the hearts of viewers with just that one frame. And a reason why 50fifty’s principal photographer is able to create a beautiful narrative is because he never subscribes to formulaic photography. Through a signature style best described as “contemporary photojournalistic,” Cino gets to know each subject, surveys every location, and tunes his eye on the smallest details, in order to allow your story to unfold naturally through his images.