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We are The Wedding People, and we are a team of wedding planners, designers, and stylists who believe that weddings are celebrations that should be thoroughly enjoyed - even the planning bit that nobody sees.

The Wedding People focuses on the relationship between people. Celebrations are tailored to be unique, intimate, and fun to best reflect a couple’s personal preferences and story.



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The Wedding People

"Getting Yirong & Jordy on board for our wedding decor was one of the easiest decisions we had to make during the wedding planning process. It was love-at first sight when we met them for a introductory chat and we just knew we wanted them to be taking care of our decor. They simply radiated positivity and put as at ease! They are very easy to talk to and to have a constructive discussion with. From the get go, they understood what we wanted and always did their best to keep our budget in mind and work around it.

Jordy is a complete sweetheart! He could always comprehend and visualise what I wanted in terms of design even when I did not explain it well and he would come up with the most dreamy illustrations. Initially when there were some hurdles with our wedding ballroom, Jordy was extremely patient and did his best to find a solution and still keep our vision alive! Be it 11pm or a very short notice request for a panic Zoom call or last minute changes in decor decisions, Jordy and Yirong always met us with the same smiles and enthusiasm and helped us through it all! Their unwavering patience and determination to always be there for us is truly commendable! We always felt heard and supported! They both always went above and beyond in extending their help! They just know what you need! They are super friendly, gracious and kind and interacted and worked so well with our fellow vendors too! They are true professionals and their work ethic and commitment is exemplary :)

Yirong is a total badass! You could throw the grumpiest, most inflexible person/vendor at her, and she handles the situation like a boss with composure and tact! She is a troubleshooter and a problem solver! She is awesome! If you want your dream wedding to come to life, The Wedding People are your best and safest bet! Yirong and Jordy gave us our dream fairy tale wedding with their ethereal decor! It was beyond our expectations and all our guests were enamoured by their impeccable work! The Wedding People are the complete package and we could not have asked for a more amazing and wonderful team than Yirong & Jordy to make our wedding vision to come to life with such perfection and with no stress cause you know it is in good hands <3

Thank you both for the lovely memories and we wish you all the best in all your future endeavours! You both rock and the sky is the limit for you two :) "

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Srujana & Abbas

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"Yirong and Jordan from The Wedding People provide top-notch wedding planning services. My primary reason to engage a wedding planning service provider was to alleviate stresses from my missus arising from the potentially hectic and draining wedding process.

On this note, Yirong and Jordan excelled with flying colours as they guided in the preparation and organisation on all matters of the wedding from liaising with the vendors to recommendation of the most suitable wedding outfits for my missus and I.

Yirong and Jordan are also great problem solvers. In lieu on the invitation of Muslim guests to our wedding, they helped us to resolve the provision of halal catering at our wedding venue. Their communication with the hotel operator and halal caterer and ensuring their compliance with halal certification put our mind at ease.

Also, they were proactive and went beyond the call of duty by offering their assistance for our photo shoot. With a couple of luggage containing our props and the wedding outfits, they helped us to move those heavy baggage from location to location. A big thanks to their help!

Unsurprisingly, the wedding day from gatecrashing to banquet was fast-paced and hectic. Yirong and Jordan's effective planning and awesome coordination ensured that the actual day went without a hitch and not for a single second, we had to worry about the organisation aspect of our wedding.

My missus and I thoroughly enjoyed our wedding and we made the right choice of engaging Yirong and Jordan as our wedding planners. I highly recommend others to engage them for their special day."

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Yulin & Janice

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"Big big big big THANK YOU to our wedding planners: Yirong and Jordan for making our wedding run so smooth! Everything ran so smoothly on our wedding, there were no cock ups at all. They even managed everything well for us when my VIP guests were late 😂I love how meticulous TWP is.

They helped us so much during the planning process and most importantly, they managed so many things for us during the pandemic. They helped us so much with the cancellations/refunds with the hotel etc. I must say The Wedding People really gives 300% effort even when we engaged them at a promo rate. I cannot even emphasize enough HOW WELL they liaised with all my vendors. I cannot imagine myself without them for the wedding planning and actual day coordination :’)

**PS. I’m an ala carte bride and I have 10 vendors excluding my venue and my ex-venue.

They made so many trips to my venue to ensure everything is in place for my live streaming AV, for site recce, rehearsals, zoom meetings with my vendors, just to ensure everything runs smoothly. There were also many little things that they do which touches our heart. Jordan went to the groom side early morning and Yirong reached my place at 6am to ensure all is in place. Yirong even helped me with the tea ceremony like pouring the tea and all (things that bridesmaid should be doing but because I didn’t have gate crash, so there were no sisters). She even helps me with my gown, she literally RAN to me when she saw me having difficulty with my gown’s train.

They even sent us to our hotel, check us in and help me keep my gown :’) They’re really passionate and hardworking, even some of my vendors were asking about them because they’re damn good. Friends who had engaged prestigious planners also praised that The Wedding People really super effort :’) Because we had TWP as our planner, I didn’t need to worry about the schedule and coordination, we didn’t need to trouble our friends to help out and they could all enjoy and celebrate with us. They literally just lay everything out for us, we just need to turn up as the couple 😂 Best decision is to engage TWP.

Once again, thank you Yirong & Jordan ❤️❤️❤️ We will always recommend you!!!"
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Choon Hao & Freda

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Yirong and Jordan are extremely helpful and organized people. They are also easy to approach and are quick to make changes to last minute requests. Although there were times we were unsure due to the some periods of no updates, Yirong and her team were working away in the background to make sure everything is according to what we wanted.

They worked tirelessly into the night and are reachable at almost anytime. They are accommodating to our schedules when organizing for zoom meetings/briefings. They helped to shortlist vendors that fit our wants (even at the last minute when we decided to have a photo booth).

Where they truly shine is on the actual day. They organized, supervised, and ensured everything ran smoothly; with minimal input from my wife or me. Overall, we could not have had such a beautiful wedding without their help.

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Kevin & Indri

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"Will definitely recommend The Wedding People (TWP) if you are looking for a sincere & genuine team to help you for events!!

For me personally, I was looking for a team to help me out with my engagement proposal, and chanced upon TWP through one of my friend’s insta-story shout out. I went to their instagram page and website and liked what I saw, so I decided to engage their services.

And it was the best decision ever!! From the very first meetup, I could tell they were genuine in hearing me out and were very accommodating to my requests. They went all out to make sure my needs were met, and gave me multiple options/ alternatives for me to choose from. All I had to do was just to be ready on the day itself to pop the question!

The proposal turned out to be a huge success! I received good reviews on how nice the setup was and how heartwarming the day went, and I know that all this would not have been possible if not for the TWP team. Special shout-out to Jordan and Yirong, who were the MVPs for me throughout this period.

Thank you The Wedding People for helping me out for my engagement proposal, and I’m sure you’ll continue to touch many more hearts out there"

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Absolutely no regrets choosing TWP. There are sooooo many things we can rave about Yirong & Jordan to be honest. I have alot of friends who doubted our decision of engaging wedding planners, especially when ours was such a small scale luncheon in a restaurant & no bridal party. A very common piece of advice from other graduated brides were "dont ever choose the most affordable vendor, you have choose 1 that you can vibe with the most because it will impact your entire wedding journey".

True enough, TWP delivered way beyond and above what we paid for. Yirong & Jordan are legit the best duo to work with! They are always there to answer every doubts and questions we have, to save every single hiccups we have. You may think that luncheon is just a few hours event but trust me, problems can still pop up from nowhere on the AD. Unfortunately for us, one of our vendors did not turn up on time and I couldn't imagine not having Yirong/Jordan with us - we wouldn't have time to spam calls the vendor/admin/bosses in the midst of our makeup and definitely wouldn't be able to proceed with FTB smoothly. Not only that, just think bout you having to bring your own barang barangs to venue on the AD, you will still need to prepare laptops for slideshows/programmes, prepare songs/photo slides, getting people to control your AV and liaising with different vendors - but with TWP, you definitely don't need to worry much about these.

Have always heard people who "complain" about having to do alot of these and that on their friends' wedding and not being able to enjoy it. And yes, with TWP - you can save yourself from all these "complains" and still maintain your relationship with all your friends.

And on top of how amazing they were throughout our wedding planning, we engaged them to style for our reception booth (Mama shop style) as well. They knew exactly what we wanted and deliver much better than we thought! Definitely no regrets swoping the usual photo gallery for this. Our guest love it so much!

All in all, they are great in everything! Be it planning or styling, truly appreciate the efforts they put in and can really sense their passion in this line of work! :)

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Lance & Shihui

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At first, I was a bit skeptical of hiring wedding coordinators because I am quite a planner myself and do enjoy project management. However, my husband convinced me that we would need one for our own sanity on the day of. So while shopping around for wedding coordinators to help us manage on the day of the wedding itself (I was planning to handle all the planning leading up to the day), I came across Yirong and Jordan from The Wedding People.

One quick Zoom call with them, and we were convinced. And as it turned out, we couldn't have asked for better friendors! Going above and beyond for us is an understatement. I was hoping for coordination for the day of, but Yirong and Jordan were already hands-on and helping us 3 months before our wedding. They didn't just manage the logistics of liaising with vendors and creating a program for the day of itself, but also took the time to truly understand what my husband and I wanted to achieve for our wedding, made that vision come true!

We had some major difficulty with one of our vendors, but Yirong and Jordan really partnered with us to make sure that at the end of the day, we were able to achieve what we wanted. From pushing back with that vendor to simultaneously coming up with alternative solutions, we really felt fought for!

They also think about all the details - we had quite a few venue changes and many guests from overseas. They took care of my and my husband's personal items and made sure they were already at our venues so that we didn't have to bring our things ourselves on the day of. Also, without asking for it, they created signs for easy navigation for our guests.

And as if they didn't already do more than enough, they made sure we didn't have to worry about logistics after the wedding as well (personal decor items, rental items that needed to be returned, summarizing payments that needed to be settled with our vendors, etc).

So, we can't recommend The Wedding People enough - if you need event coordinators to partner with, please please please engage them! They are so amazing to work with - definitely will not be disappointed.

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Paulo & Kayla

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Where do I start…. “If there is one thing that I would think a couple must engage are wedding coordinators.” Those were the words from my used to be non-believer in wedding coordination services fiancé’s (now husband hehe) mouth a few days before our actual wedding day! But really couples if you all are hesitating on engaging wedding coordinators (esp for your actual day) please just take the plunge and engage TWP! We engaged TWP for actual day coordination as we really wanted a stress free wedding and enjoy this special day with our family and friends. Yirong and Jordan maintained a high level of professionalism and proactiveness from the start when we first engaged them, setting up a call to share more about our wedding/needs. As we finally decided to engage them for actual day coordination, they took over the liaison with our vendors 3 months prior to the wedding, honestly from the time they took over the liaison, we literally just sat back and relax. Yirong and Jordan did all the “heavy lifting” for us, from liaising with all our vendors, preparing our actual day programme schedule, coming out with the sitting chart template, setting up meetings to brief our bridal party of their roles, keeping us in check on payments we need to make and when, giving us ideas on gate-crash games, organising the rehearsal etc Honestly, the list is never ending and most people would think actual day coordination seems quite straightforward, it is really not! Yirong and Jordan are so detail orientated and organised (perfect for someone so OCD like me) and just having them guide us and assist us in wedding prep and actual day was godsend! For a bride who is also very anxious about a lot of things, Yirong is also incredibly patient and assuring. I really appreciated that about her. As my husband and I were busy throughout the entire wedding day, Yirong also never failed to amaze us by how attentive and caring towards our needs. For e.g, as we were constantly travelling from location a to location b to location c, Jordan and Yirong would already have assisted us to pack the necessary items for us and load them into the car (gowns, shoes, flowers, personal belongings etc). It made us feel so at ease and calm on our wedding day, not having to worry about forgetting things, running late and hiccups along the way. Yirong was also constantly checking in with us throughout the day if we felt ok, assuring us and even offering us water when she saw that we looked thirsty and tired.

Honestly, engaging Yirong and Jordan was the best decision we have made for our wedding! I couldn’t envision how our wedding will even turn out without them. Their friendly and easy going personalities also made us feel comfortable and open with them. Thank you Yirong and Jordan! We appreciate you all :)

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Jue Rui & Yue Da

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Heartfelt gratitude to The Wedding People, Yirong & Jordan for the incredible job you guys have done as our wedding planner!

Your dedication, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail surpassed our expectations, and we are immensely grateful for everything you did to make our special day absolutely perfect!

From our very first meeting, you impressed us with your professionalism and genuine passion for creating unforgettable weddings. You took the time to understand our vision and helped us turn it into a reality that exceeded our wildest dreams. Your expertise and guidance throughout the entire planning process were invaluable, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Your organizational skills were truly remarkable. Every aspect of our wedding, from the venue selection, suits & gown selection, floral arrangements and decorations, from the programs to the timeline of events, was flawlessly executed. Your ability to coordinate with vendors, handle logistics, and manage any challenges that arose made us feel at ease and allowed us to fully enjoy our day.

What set you apart as a wedding planner was your ability to infuse personal touches that made our wedding uniquely ours. You listened to our ideas, incorporated our personalities, and added those special details that made the day feel authentically ours. It was evident that you genuinely cared about your couple’s big day & happiness and went above and beyond to make sure every moment was magical!

Our family and friends were equally impressed by your professionalism and the seamless flow of the entire event. We received countless compliments on the stunning ambiance, impeccable organization, and the way everything came together so beautifully. Your hard work and expertise were evident in every aspect of the wedding, and we are so grateful to have had you as our wedding planner.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment, your tireless effort, and your exceptional talent to make our wedding exceptionally memorable!

You guys are not only a phenomenal wedding planner but good friends and a wonderful bunch to work with. We will forever cherish the memories you helped create and will highly recommend you to anyone in need of an outstanding wedding planner!

With heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes,

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Shawn & Joyce

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My wedding would NOT have happened if it wasn't for Yirong & Jordan from The Wedding People! Really! I simply cannot imagine how my wedding would have turned out without them! It would have been a mess and I know I would have gone insane!

​I didn't think to engage anyone at first honestly, but then I realised that planning a wedding was soooooo overwhelming! So when I eventually decided to get some help, fate brought me The Wedding People!

Both Yirong & Jordan knew their craft very well and are always on top of their game. I love how they understood my vision from the start and were able to execute it all super duper well. They were also always contributing their creative ideas and I never once felt disappointed with their service.

Yirong & Jordan are truly an amazing, lovely, wonderful, always so flexible, tremendously helpful and AWESOME duo. BEST thing I've ever done for my wedding!

The Wedding People are indeed true professional wedding people!

THANK YOU so much Yirong & Jordan for making my Happily Ever After possible!

My wedding would certainly not be the last collab with The Wedding People!"

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Nicholas & Siti

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"The Wedding People ranks at the top of my list of best decisions made for my wedding. Was initially uncertain if we really needed a wedding planner, but we were so relieved and glad that we had Yirong and Jordan since the beginning of our wedding planning journey.

If not for them, we would have been so stressed and overwhelmed, especially when dealing with Covid changes! We had to postpone our AD twice and change our venue which meant countless discussions and back and forth with ALL our vendors to try to find a date and location that fit. That also meant extending our engagement with TWP. But Yirong and Jordan were so generous and helped us settle all these! They are fiercely administrative, super excellent in their work and passionate about their job. Many times, we felt they went above and beyond what was required of them to do!

There were many many nitty gritty matters to nail, as our wedding had several customisations but they'd always make the effort to communicate with us and pull us back on track. On my AD, the weather kept fluctuating and we had to shift our wedding from outdoors to indoors. However, just 15 mins to the original timing, I expressed that I'd really hope to hold the solemnisation outdoors as the rain had stopped. Without complaints, they rushed to make it happen together with our friends and livestream vendors and really made our dream come true.

Thank you Yirong and Jordan, we are so grateful for you guys and we love to see vendors like you who give your best and go the extra extra mile! All the best to TWP and may you continue to make more wedding dreams come true!"

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Wei Chao & Tingwei

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"Best best best decision made to have Yirong & Jordan from the wedding people for our wedding. Due to the restrictions and all, we only decided to not postpone our wedding and continue with it 1.5-2months before our AD. Thankful for them to help us handle all the small to big matters - like schedule, pack list, liaising & reminding all vendors, all the IT related stuffs & the list goes on, many of them which I do not even know that I have to prepare beforehand.

On the AD, they arrived at our places at 5am to want to make sure that everything is in place, ensure that the groom wakes up(hahaha), ensuring we do not overrun because we have a specific time to get specific things done (Fengshui thing), coordinating both sides so that videog & photog standby when the groom arrives. & basically they followed us throughout & helping to ensure like things that we need to bring are in the car, helping me to keep & pack my gown & bring it to the car, after I changed into my kua (small things like that) which we’ll tend to overlook when we are busy. (Cuz I really forgot about it until we reached another location)

Just before the banquet, there were some IT related issues & thankfully I have the wedding people to settle it for me because firstly I know nothing about the system & secondly I can entertain my guest/take more pictures. They even standby our masks for us right before our speech.

Basically, the whole day was a breeze, thanks to them. Because we could fully entirely enjoy the moments & it’s really really very important to do so, because it’s once in a life time. & once you missed out a particular moment just because you need to handle something small or forgot something, that moment will be gone. Therefore, I really 200% recommend to have them as your wedding planners because it’ll be worth every penny spent. I never thought wedding planners were important, but we were really glad we have them

Thank you so much, Yirong & Jordan."

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Jin Qin & Peishan

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Jordan and Yirong are absolutely amazing in executing for us the most epic wedding of the year even in the COVID season.

From the start they have been always on the ball with our requests and giving us great ideas, including the breadth of Chinese traditions which we were not very familiar.

They are not only wedding planners - they are a creative team. They created moodboards, flower suggestions, programme suggestions for us, and contacted and executed them with our vendors too create our absolutely stunning wedding at CHIJMES. They also did part of our extension decorations for us!!

On the actual day, they came to our places early to make sure everything is in order and made sure every nitty gritty was in line. They also handled the AV, the logistics and the coordination! Our guests enjoyed every single moment of the wedding and we were very happy to have brought an amazing experience to them!

We had many many changing requirements due to COVID and family, but they were quick to adapt and find solutions. We couldn't have had a wedding without them, and personally, I couldn't have juggled the wedding, the renovation of our new house and my professional job all at once without them.

Jordan and Yirong, we love you guys so much! Thank you!"

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Isaac & Rachell

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We are super lucky to have found The Wedding People (TWP) for our wedding! During the planning phase, Yirong and Jordan helped us tremendously by giving constructive feedback, suggestions and solutions. They were quick to understand what we were looking for and even offered to design and do a mock up of our photo table when we didn’t have time to plan for it. I’d like to also specially commend on Yirong’s good eye for detail and Jordan’s impressive hand-drawn illustrations.

On our actual wedding day, TWP and team were punctual and very clear with their roles as wedding planners. They were pro-active and took on the initiative to resolve any challenges faced on the spot. To name a few; they even took the initiative to print out our vows in a nice card each and tried to use a stain remover to remove foot print marks on my bridal trail!

From planning to execution, all forms of communication were clear and the team was always quick in their replies and responses. Thanks so much for being so easy to work with! We had such a fun and memorable experience on our wedding day and a huge part of the success goes to working with you guys!"

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Allen & Alexa

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Thanks to The Wedding People - Jordy and Yirong. My wife and I was able to enjoy our own wedding, stress free, and fully immerse ourselves in moment while they took care of everything for us.

In the months leading up the the wedding, they were always on the ball with the ever changing covid rules. They coordinated with vendors and the venue, and always reminded us of important milestones and preparations. They were extremely supportive of our ideas and helped execute whatever special requests we had to make our wedding special and fun. They crafted a schedule specific to our needs, and wrote the scripts for our emcees.

What I really love about them is how genuine they are in making sure your big day will be an absolute success. You can tell that they love what they do and they are darn good at it. And they are just super fun people to be around.

On the big day itself, Jordy and Yirong arrived early at our homes. They coordinated the entire day from start to finish, keeping up with last minute requests and changes. They handled the AV, made sure everything went according to plan and on time, and coordinated everyone who was involved in the wedding. Friends and family were impressed how smoothly things went. Even until the very end, while me and my wife were busy having fun, mingling with friends. They handled the packing and offered to deliver our barangs to our home due to our car being already full.

5/5 highly recommend The Wedding People to anyone who is planning to get married.

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Mark & Bonnie

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