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Specializes in planning bespoke weddings, specially curated to the style that best represents your love story


Manna Weddings specializes in planning bespoke weddings, specially curated to the style that best represents your love story. We'll make your special day a timeless story you can look back on. Whether you’re planning a Catholic or Christian wedding, an inter-cultural wedding, or a destination wedding, let us handle the nitty gritty details while you immerse fully in celebrating your love.

Here at Manna Weddings, we want to be more than just your wedding planner. Let us be your friend and confidant as we take you through the ups and downs of wedding planning. We'll share our love for weddings inspired from all over the world as you share with us your love story, and we'll aim to make your dream wedding come to life.

Our team of wedding planners & coordinators are experienced with years in the wedding industry, and well-trained to handle anything that comes into play when planning a wedding.



Deborah & Fabian

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Meyda & Zhongming

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Serina & Max

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Sheena & Jingwen

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Whenever people ask us about our best purchase of our wedding, we always say it’s the wedding planner. Really one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!

Tricia has been super super helpful throughout the whole year of planning, and honestly, without her chasing us (😅), we probably would take our own sweet time and not make any decisions. On our AD, our wedding timeline was slightly complicated and we needed to be at places on time! Tricia and her team made sure we sticked to the plan so well! I was initially concerned I had to watch my own timings, but tricia told me to just follow her cue . I really really thought I would be so stressed on that day, but damn I was really just enjoying myself and stress free!

The whole wedding was so smooth, we loved it more than we thought we would! Been 3 weeks since our wedding and we’re still so amazed at the Manna team. Thank you Tricia and team!!

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Xin Ru & Harisan

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We were thrilled to have engaged Tricia and her team, Syaz and Mackenzie, as AD coordinators for our wedding. Tricia was very responsive and thorough in ensuring that all our wedding needs were in order leading up to the wedding day.

On the AD, Syaz and Mackenzie were an incredible team that ran the entire show behind the scenes and paid great attention to every detail in the wedding. We were impressed by their professionalism, clear communication and coordination skills on the day. They were also incredibly friendly which made us feel relaxed and reassured that our wedding day was being well taken care of. We cannot recommend engaging Manna Weddings as AD coordinator enough!
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Nicole & David

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We engaged Manna Weddings to coordinate our actual day and it was, hands down, THE BEST decision we made for our wedding.

A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Tricia, Kim & Eli for making our wedding such a breeze. I was a stress-free bride!! The 3 of them made sure everything was right on schedule and all requests/issues were solved promptly. I couldn't be more thankful to Kim, who was with me all the way from 6am. And always making sure I was comfortable! I really truly appreciate that.

Because of them, my wedding dress looked so pretty in every shot!! They knew exactly how to deal with the dress train, like how to position it - whether im standing or seated. It's something my bridesmaids probably wouldn't have been able to do or would have been overlooked (they were awesome too ok! Just not as experienced). But seeing my wedding pictures, this seemingly little detail just reaffirms the fact that engaging Manna was a darn good decision.

My venue vendor was a nightmare so having the Manna team around that day really helped offset the anxiety. If you're interested to know, The Riverhouse has a gorgeous space but the coordinating team was just a.....massive disappointment.

Like all the good reviews before mine, if you're still 50/50 about engaging them, STOP HESITATING! Just do it.

No regrets, really. It's money worth spending!

Actually, my only regret was I didn't manage to take a proper picture with them
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Lyra & Anson

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Thank you to Manna Weddings for the perfect coordination of our beautiful wedding.

The dream-team of Tricia, Kim and Mackenzie made our wedding such a breeze. We whole-heartedly trusted them with our lives that day, and the little things they did to make our evening ran like clockwork. Even though we encountered a delay in delivery from our vendors (not of Manna's fault - we have to add), the team calmed us down, continuously checked in on the vendor and handled it confidently.

My partner and I were talking that very evening that our best decision was engaging Manna Wedding and entrusting them with our solemnisation ceremony.

From how they made us comfortable during our outdoor shoot, or assisting us with our tea ceremony, and even the little things like presenting us with another sharper knife for our cake cutting. And even helping us with the teardown and bringing all our belongings to the car, while we were tending to our inebriated guests at our venue, we could really fully focus on having fun at our event.

Thank you once again to Tricia, Kim and Mackenzie! Our only regret for the night was not snapping a photo with our dearest wedding coordinators!
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Leanne & Darren

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My husband and I had THE BEST experience with the team at Manna and cannot recommend them enough!

We worked with Tricia, Eli, Syaz and Mackenzie, all of whom brought different strengths to the table, and were beyond talented, professional, honest and kind throughout the planning and execution process. They truly are the DREAM wedding planning team and brought our vision to life flawlessly. We had the most perfect wedding celebration that we’ll never forget thanks to these four wonderful ladies at Manna.

The team executed our wedding so beautifully and efficiently and they even went above and beyond to make sure that my husband and I, in addition to our 250+ guests had everything they needed throughout the day. They were also extremely proactive and experienced as they handled a few different crises that popped up on the wedding day itself. They handled them so well that nobody knew what was going on behind-the-scenes including me and my husband. The Manna team are true professionals with big hearts to make sure we had our perfect day!

I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon Manna Weddings. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for a planner…don’t think twice, hire them!

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Krisna & Rahul

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Out of every decision my wife and I had to make in preparation for our wedding, engaging Manna Weddings was probably the best one.

We purchased their most comprehensive package because our busy work schedules meant we needed all the help we could get. The price tag seemed daunting at first ($5k-$6k), but compared to higher prices from other wedding planning companies, and given that we had constant access to an excellent coordinator (Tricia) for 9 whole months, every dollar was worth it.

Tricia took away so much stress without compromising our creative autonomy. We felt in control of the process, yet unburdened by the minute operational/coordinating details. Tricia was also extremely level-headed in stressful situations, an enthusiastic hype woman when we pondered decisions about our outfits, and honest when we needed to select from various vendors. We really appreciated Tricia working with the budget we had and proposed new or alternative vendors that would be better aligned with our budget without compromising on our overall vision.

Manna Weddings also has their own comprehensive tracking system. Every invoice, contract, receipt, and document is archived neatly, and every expense is tracked meticulously. For those who are particular about money, you can rest assured that payments and budgeting is handled tightly.

On the actual wedding day, we even got two additional helpers (Eli and Syaz) who were also nothing short of supportive. The programme they planned was thought-out right down to the minute. We could turn our brains off and focus on the moment while they coordinated everything else in the background. They also handled communication with our helpers (our ushers, emcees, registration table helpers, etc.) very well. Most importantly, they provided a calm and steadfast presence in an otherwise frantic day, and kept us very well hydrated.

If you're a couple looking to offload the inevitable stress of wedding planning, you've found the right place. 10/10 no regrets!
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Daphne & Cameron

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Cannot thank Tricia and her team, Amanda, Syaz and Elisabeth enough for all the help rendered by them to ensure that our wedding would go as smoothly as it had.

Engaging Manna Weddings was one of the best decisions we made to really lighten our extremely intensive load of wedding planning. From the get-go, Tricia and her team were on the ball with the timelines and follow-ups and also attended our rehearsal which was really useful. We could also ask questions as-and-when to someone who had professional expertise and experience and could advise accordingly.

On the day of our wedding, we cannot emphasise how much more stress-free we were, knowing that everything was getting handled by MW, as opposed to our bridesmaids and groomsmen (who did their best but were not as experienced). They were there every step of the way, from gatecrash activities to tea ceremony to morning photoshoot, to setting up our ceremony location, wet weather planning, guestlist, and the whole banquet dinner, literally everything.

We were able to focus fully on soaking in every single moment of the biggest day of our lives, and could confidently leave the operational stuff to MW. Anyone looking to hire wedding planners for their big day should definitely consider MW!

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Ashleen & Yong Lin

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Manna Weddings was one of the first vendors we engaged because we know we wanted a hands-free approach when it comes to the coordination of the AD! As we chose the most basic tier, we only connected a month before the actual event. Belicia just came back from her maternity leave and we had 1-2 Zoom sessions to go through all the details. She also gave valuable advice and feedback when it comes to the most trivial details that you could have never thought of because... you are only married once lol!

On the actual day, Eli was assigned to be my personal assistant and she came early to check in on my well-being. To be honest, I have prepared my wedding vows digitally but had no time to transfer them to my vow card, so embarrassingly I asked Eli to help lol! Her handwriting is far superior to mine! She was also chasing my cats around the room to put on tuxedoes on them! That was really sweet!

Meanwhile, Belicia & Raylene were at the venue helping with the coordination of decor, place cards, and wedding favors! All the unseen, background work!

Once they took over, they were the timekeepers for me and I did not need to worry about anything! They took care of my well-being and would report statuses to me whenever needed.

It was also extremely relaxing to outsource guests management to them! Our friends and family could focus on enjoying the precious moments! Along with us!

One thing that really stood out to me was their ability to handle any unexpected issues that came up. There were a few small screw-ups with the AV systems and Belicia remained calm and composed throughout and tried her absolute best to resolve them as soon as possible!

Overall, our wedding coordinator was a true professional and made our special day truly unforgettable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-notch wedding coordinator. Thank you for everything!
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Alice & Stephen

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