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"Cherish and love every moment in your life"-- that's our philosophy. Work with us to capture and relive every milestone in your life.

Lightbox Weddings was founded by lead photographer Kwang, a Licentiate with The Master Photographers Association from the U.K. in 2007. He has managed to help countless couples document their big days. Our signature style is to go with the flow on the wedding day, work with the couple’s personalities, and blend with the emotions of the moment. As a result, photos would naturally turn out both beautiful and meaningful.

It certainly makes our day to see our couples’ faces light up when we place the completed album in their hands, and we're touched by every smile and laugh evoked by the flip of each page.


Alson & Kelly

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Caleb & Rachel

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Jason & Sin Yee

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Yvonne & Beng Chuan

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Kwang is by far, one of the best photographers we have ever seen. 

He has a special ability to capture moments, yet without intruding or interrupting the natural flow of the moment. He has a sharp eye for what isn't right in a shot, and goes to great lengths to make the photos flawless. I noticed a few times how he would remove signs and obstructions, ask us to tuck in pockets or adjust hair out of place, just to get the right shot. He was never pushy, overly directed or bossy, just always tactful and sensitive, and always watching with eagle eyes for the moment, and capturing them perfectly. For us, he felt very comfortable entrusting our day to him. 

We really enjoyed Kwang's energy and diligence, and you can be assured that he's the kind of photographer who really will "suffer" with you throughout the day, and not abandon you. He showed no signs of getting tired or laziness, but always enthusiastically leaping into action. He didn't slack off, grow tired, or even once, complain.

We're waiting for the final products, but the samples we've seen so far are amazing. Highly recommend any couple looking for someone to capture your day. In choosing to go wth Kwang, we feel like we have gained a new friend.

Caleb and Rachel

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Working with Kwang has been a joy. Friendly, professional, responsible and caring, he really pays attention to details and will give clear instructions to ensure the shots are best captured. As a result, the photos are really beautiful, according to our friends and families.

He also gave us tips and reassured us to have fun during our Big Day. I think such acts and intentions from a Professional are not something you can easily buy with money. We are very glad we got the chance to work with Kwang for our weddings, hopefully we have more opportunities to work with him again.

Jason and Sin Yee

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