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Kohit Wedding team members always work their bests to provide an unforgettable, fun and enjoyable shooting experience to all couples coming from all over the world.


KOHIT WEDDING, is a pre-wedding photography and wedding planning company based in Seoul, South Korea. We are one of most experienced and trusted wedding photography company helping and assisting foreign couples taking their pre wedding photos in Korea since 2015.

Kohit Wedding team members always work their bests to provide an unforgettable, fun and enjoyable shooting experience to all couples coming from all over the world. We work with top Korea Wedding studios, gown shops and make up salons providing high quality and high satisfaction rate. Our various pre wedding photo-shoot packages have no hidden fee and worth every penny. You won’t be disappointment for choosing us.

We have maintained and will continue maintaining our perfect 5 out of 5 stars from reviews of actual couples on Facebook.

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My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to engage Kohit Wedding. I have to say that it was a most pleasant experience for us. They have been extremely professional and efficient from start to finish.

The staff at the studio have been really accommodating to our requests and very thorough with the process details like during the gown/ suit selection. The assistant was really good sorting through the gowns/suits with us, making sure we look our best. The hair and makeup team really did an impressive job too, working with us patiently and taking note of our preferences. Our interpreter, Rachael did her best in making us feel comfortable with the whole shoot and smooth communication between all party. They also provided good suggestions and alternatives during our photo-shoots, as well as to make sure we were well taken care of, like providing blankets for us between cold weather shoots.

Overall, I would highly recommend them for all future couples looking for a fun and satisfying experience when getting their pre-wedding photos.

Kah fai

Kah Fai

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We engaged Kohit for our pre-wedding shoot in Korea. It was an amazing experience with them! Noripy is very helpful, patient and responsive to our queries. On the photoshoot day itself, we were picked by David and Rainie. They arrived earlier than the stipulated time. The day couldn't be any smooth without them! Rainie, our translator did a good job helping us to communicate with the photographer at our studio, enabling us to know what is required to be done by us. And David who helped us to take video, driving us and assisting us in any way possible. Once again, we would like to thank Kohit for such a wonderful experience! Highly recommended!
Adeline siow

Adeline Siow

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Photoshoot with Kohit was a memorable experience. Starting from fantastic dress selections at Rosa Rosa Black Label the day before with kind dress ladies making good recommendations, excellent makeup at Jennyhouse with pro makeup artist, and photoshoot with the creative May Studio photographer and super lady from Rosa Rosa to readjust and coordinate dress, hairpins + styling, and face touch up with amazing speed. It was worthwhile to request for the night scenes; they look very romantic. Overall, everything went fantastically well with Noripy coordinating, Rachel with translations and attending, and David for helping film the experience from the makeup to the photoshoot. Kohit team made the experience feel very comfortable even though it was our first time in Korea. Highly recommend working with them and looking forward to doing another photoshoot for another occasion.

Kelvin Hung

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The pre wedding shoot with Kohit wedding (studio: iris) was indeed the highlight of our Korea holiday.

Everything were done very efficiently and professional, such as replying of emails and getting all original photos within a week after the shoot, and during the shooting day itself. There was not even a hiccup during the whole process, and it was very enjoyable and wonderful.

The Korean and Taiwanese translator were very friendly and warm to us. What touches my heart was when the staff gently covered my darling with blanket/jacket when she was feeling cold during our outdoor shooting.

We would never forget the happy memories with kohit wedding. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Goh Andrew

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We engaged our pre-wedding shoot in korea with Kohit Wedding. Noripy is very helpful, patient and responsive to our queries. Overall, everything go smooth and nice. We enjoyed our shoot with David and Rainie. Kohit is a trustworthy and responsible company, thanks for the team making this as a memorable experience.
Cteng foo

Cteng Foo

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We had an incredible experience with our Kohit Wedding photoshoot. Prior to, during, and after the photoshoot the team at Kohit Wedding made my husband and I feel comfortable, and that our needs were well tended to.

You get a professional team when you use this company. Ours consisted of a multi-lingual translator (English/Chinese/Korean), makeup artist, photographer, videographer, as well as a seamstress who also acted as a personal aide to the production team.

We were picked up and dropped off at our accommodation and a tasty small lunch was provided. Both the indoor and outdoor shooting locations were comfortable, and we were well looked after. My husband and I look back on our day with Kohit Wedding fondly.

We would absolutely recommend the service to anybody looking for a talented wedding photo company in Seoul.

Ya jing fan

Ya Jing Fan

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