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June 2024

Japanese Ring Atelier Ith Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary with Rings That Promises Forever and Transcends Time

Renowned Japanese wedding and engagement ring atelier, ith, celebrates their 10th anniversary with three brand new ring collections featuring nine new designs.

Founded in 2014 by Japanese artisan Ayu Takahashi, ith is a Japanese made-to-order wedding and engagement atelier born out of her passion for making high-quality jewellery that is close to the wearer’s heart. After 10 years of weaving countless love stories into one-of-a-kind rings in their 13 ateliers in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, ith celebrates their 10th anniversary with three brand new ring collections featuring nine new designs, all rooted in the brand’s philosophy of “One Story, One Ring”, a promise to create one-of-a-kind rings that embody a couple’s love story, personal preferences and lifestyles, with the highest quality and craftsmanship possible.

With flowers as the inspiration behind the three new ring collections, Takahashi’s designs featured delicate and organic forms that includes curves and intricate details – details that the traditional forging techniques she favoured were not able to produce as they are typically known to produce straight forms and simple designs. In her quest to fulfil her vision without sacrificing durability and quality, Takahashi partnered with KOHSAI Co. Ltd., a jewellery manufacturer in Yamanashi, Japan, and brought her designs to life through the advanced processing technology of KOHSAI TANZOU®.

3 New Collections, 9 Brilliant Rings

With the dedication to produce simple yet comfortable, one-of-a-kind rings with superb craftsmanship as the driving force behind ith’s 10th anniversary ring collections, Takahashi’s designs were inspired by three different Japanese flowers that accompany everyday life, the Dogwood flower, Camellia flower and Wisteria flower. These flowers symbolise everlastingness, elegance and purity – qualities that hold great significance and blessings for a couple’s union.


In the language of flowers, the dogwood plant, or Hanamizuki as it is known in Japanese, represents everlastingness and embodies the meaning of accepting one’s feelings and thoughts. Drawing inspiration from the flower’s symbolism, this collection of engagement ring and wedding bands is imbued with the wish that the loving couple will remain close throughout their lives, blessing their union with eternal love and companionship.

Detailed thought and craftsmanship have been poured into the designs to ensure that the rings enhance the beauty of the wearer’s fingers with its organic and graceful curves. The engagement ring in Hanamizuki features a single solitaire diamond nestled in the embrace of four prongs that converges into a warm yellow gold arm, reminiscent of a singular flower bud in full bloom.

The second ring in the collection is a timeless and elegant wedding band made for brides, an eternity ring that gradually narrows towards the center in a V-shape. What makes this classic design so special is Takahashi’s dedication in ensuring that her rings are both comfortable and beautiful to wear, which is why the width of the ring is meticulously adjusted in 0.1mm increments to emphasise the brilliance of each individual diamond, and the gentle curve of the band visually elongates the finger of the bride when worn.

Last but not least, the third band in Hanamizuki features a simple and modern design with a subtle curve and U-shape, adding a touch of design to its simplicity, making it the perfect band to wear on a daily basis.


The Camellia flower, otherwise known as Tsubaki in Japanese, is the inspiration behind Takahashi’s second collection of three rings. With the wish for enduring happiness imbued in its design, the collection embodies the Camellia flower’s modest brilliance, elegance and refined simplicity. The engagement ring features a sleek yellow gold arm with a 0.5 carat diamond, offering a perfect balance between casual and charm, making the timeless and elegant design suitable for any age and occasion.

The wedding bands in Hanatsubaki feature a similar gentle U-shape curve that is made possible with the special forging and cutting techniques of KOHSAI TANZOU® with the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. One of the weddings bands feature five diamonds set in the U-shape curve of the ring, forming a rounded shape that is reminiscent of Camellia petals, while the other wedding band features a raised top on the curved portion of the ring, allowing the wearer to customise the surface texture to their liking for a personalised touch.


The last flower that inspired Takahashi’s 10th anniversary rings is the Wisteria flower, or Fuji in Japanese. Out of the three new ring collections, the Fujihana is particularly luxurious, featuring two-tone metals alongside curves that are designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer’s fingers.

The bold S-curves and diamond placements featured in the trio of rings in the Fujihana collection is reminiscent of the image of branches freely stretching towards the sky and clusters of flowers swaying in the wind. The engagement ring in the collection features a playful rendition on the classic three-stone engagement ring. Instead of a straight row of diamonds, the Fujihana engagement ring showcases a row of three diamonds that sits elegantly on the curved section of the S-shaped curve of the ring, allowing the trio of diamonds to demonstrate their strong and brilliant sparkle at various angles.

A perfect example of excellent craftsmanship, modern design and simple elegance, the wedding bands in Fujihana feature two-tone metals that transition and pair seamlessly into one another. This harmonious changeover between the two metal colours is symbolic of the beautiful union of two individuals with different identities coming together to become one.

Celebrate ith’s 10th anniversary at their Cosy atelier

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, ith is offering a 10% discount on the purchase of wedding and engagement rings from 1 to 30 June 2024. Make an appointment and visit them at their cosy flagship atelier located at Tras Street, where you can browse through their extensive collection of rings in a warm and inviting atmosphere to find the perfect one that embodies your story.

ith is located at 80 Tras Street, #01-01, Singapore 079019. Browse their charming collection of wedding and engagement rings online, or make an appointment with them via their website.

Credits: All images courtesy of ith.

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Japanese Ring Atelier Ith Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary with Rings That Promises Forever and Transcends Time