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November 2022

Enchanting Rings of Love at ith, a Japanese Engagement and Wedding Ring Atelier

Let ith bring your dream engagement and wedding rings to life.

For most couples, shopping for engagement and wedding bands can be a stressful, confusing and intimidating experience. After all, these are the rings that represent the start to a new chapter of their lives, and the promise of a lifetime of love, loyalty and companionship. The last thing they want is to visit a jeweller and walk away with rings that they don’t love with all of their heart.

ith, a Japanese made-to-order wedding and engagement ring brand, is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to couples. Founded by Japanese artisan Ayu Takahashi in 2014, ith was born out of her passion for making high-quality jewellery that is close to the wearer’s heart. After eight years and 10 ateliers, ith has finally opened its flagship store in Singapore to help soon-to-be-wed couples discover and bring their dream engagement and wedding rings to life for the most important milestone of their lives.

The Atelier

Just like the rings they create, each and every atelier of ith’s features a different aesthetic with one similarity – the feeling of familiarity and homeliness, like that of visiting a friend’s house.

Located at Tras Street, ith’s flagship atelier in Singapore is no different. From the outside, the atelier doesn’t look like the typical jewellery boutique. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, and trendy and minimalist yet romantic decor, ith’s atelier is aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes and the senses, and relaxing to the soul.

Couples get to co-create their dream engagement and wedding rings with ith’s ring concierges in one of the atelier’s few open partitions that offer a sense of privacy and coziness at the same time, for a relaxed and romantic shopping experience.

Enchanting designs and unique collections of rings

Lovingly designed by its founder, Ayu Takahashi, each and every ring ith carries is different in design. Whether you are looking for a delicate and feminine ring, a modern and minimalist one, or a sturdy and masculine band for your partner, you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for from ith’s wide range of ready-made designs. And if you already have a clear vision of your dream engagement or wedding ring looks like, you can create a bespoke piece from scratch at ith as well.

Feminine and romantic yet modern and classic, it is easy to see why ith’s collection of engagement rings and wedding bands easily appeal to both brides-to-be and grooms-to-be. While ith’s modern and whimsical take on classic engagement ring designs are extraordinary and charming, their forged marriage ring collection is the one that stands out the most.

Born out of ith’s wish for their couples’ wedding rings to be filled with their story and connect them firmly to one another forever, this collection of rings is created by marrying the soft handicraft of ith and the cutting and forging techniques of Fujimori, a Tokyo-based metal jewellery studio.

Using the forging technique creates rings that are stronger than ones made with the casting technique, and allows many unique textures to be imbued on the rings, such as migrain, multifaceted textures created by a hammer or file, and unique carvings. The result of this harmonious union between ith’s delicate craftsmanship and Fujimori’s forging techniques is a collection of rings that is designed to enchant and charm its wearer, and built to last a lifetime.

Exclusive to Singapore is the Cammino collection, a new take on the concept of wedding bands. Comprising of 10 rings, Cammino is a collection that represents the journey ahead of both of you. Instead of a single pair of rings, ith found a new way to add meaning to your wedding bands. All 10 rings in this collection are unique on its own, with its own backstory and meaning that symbolises the different stages and facets of a marriage.


Cammino is great for brides who love variety, as they can choose to create a different ring by stacking multiple rings each time they put them on. Alternatively, grooms can consider Cammino as an anniversary gift for the following 10 years of marriage, gifting one ring every anniversary to commemorate the milestones you’ve reached in your marriage.

The promise of One Story, one ring

As a brand motivated to create bridal jewellery that is close to the wearer’s heart, every couple’s journey at ith begins with the retelling of their love story.

Maintaining their promise of One Story, one ring, ith’s ring concierges will get to know the couple personally, learning about how they met and fell in love, and their personal preferences and lifestyles. From there, they will recommend suitable designs from ith’s wide array of wedding rings to help couples narrow in on the one ring their hearts desire.

Couples can then opt to customise their chosen rings with a variety of engraving patterns and methods to make it truly theirs and one-of-a-kind. Choose from the classic choice of engraving a special date or your initials, or go for the more sentimental option of engraving a special message. For something more special, opt to engrave an original hand drawn illustration or message in handwritten text, or ask for your engraving to be done on the surface of the rings as part of its design.

If engraving is not your cup of tea, you can also personalise your rings with a gemstone set on the inside of the rings. You can choose to set your or your partner’s birthstone, or the gemstone of the month you met and fell in love. You can even choose to set two diamonds created from a single rough stone for something truly unique, an option that ith offers to help couples create one-of-a-kind rings that truly belong to them.

Come Experience a wonderful time at ith’s flagship atelier

If you are hoping to find engagement and wedding rings that truly represent you and your partner, and enjoy the process at the same time, then ith is the place you need to visit. Make an appointment with ith at their flagship atelier located on Tras Street and experience a wonderful and relaxing wedding ring shopping experience now.

ith is located at 80 Tras Street, #01-01, Singapore 079019.

All images courtesy of ith.

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Enchanting Rings of Love at ith, a Japanese Engagement and Wedding Ring Atelier