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August 2023

Experience The Best Wedding Ring Shopping Journey with Japanese-Style “Omotenashi” Customer Service at I-PRIMO

Make your wedding ring shopping experience sweeter and more memorable with Japanese-style customer service, Omotenashi at I-PRIMO.

Wedding ring shopping is an important step for couples as they embark on a journey to find the perfect rings to symbolise their love and commitment to one another. While finding the perfect rings is an essential part of that journey, the quality of experience encountered during the process makes this journey even sweeter and more memorable.

The best wedding ring shopping experience happens when you meet with exceptional customer service that acknowledges the weight of the symbolism behind the rings you are picking out, anticipates your needs and assists you in every way possible to help you choose your tokens of love and unity, and goes beyond the moment of purchase to support and care for your precious rings.

If this describes the level of customer service that completes your vision of the perfect wedding ring shopping experience, then I-PRIMO, a premium Japanese bridal jewellery brand, is the jeweller you need to visit. Renowned for their excellence in the quality, make and design of their engagement rings and wedding bands, and outstanding customer service and support, I-PRIMO brings the famed Japanese-style Omotenashi customer service into their stores for the best ring shopping experience.

Japanese customer service has always been renowned and admired across the globe for their unparalleled excellence, attention to detail and unwavering dedication to creating exceptional experiences for customers. At the heart of Japanese customer service lies the concept of Omotenashi, a concept of wholehearted hospitality and exceptional customer service that is influenced by Omoiyari, a core value in Japanese culture that emphasises empathy, compassion and consideration for others that teaches individuals to anticipate the needs of others beyond the present moment and offer thoughtful gestures to meet those needs.

Every I-PRIMO specialist is trained in the art of Omotenashi, taking excellent care of you from the minute you step into the spacious and luxuriously furnished boutique to the moment they hand over the finalised rings, and beyond. Part of Omotenashi includes the attention to detail paid in every aspect of the service, another hallmark of Japanese customer service. I-PRIMO’s beautiful and extensive collections of engagement rings and wedding bands are neatly and thoughtfully displayed throughout the store in clear, glass showcases, illuminated by bright, inviting lighting.

“I am glad I had an opportunity to discover I-PRIMO. I was very amazed with their excellent craftsmanship and heartwarming customer service – it made my ring shopping experience like no other,” Maggie Hu, an influencer, shares.

“If you’re searching for your engagement or wedding rings, you’ve got to experience the beauty of I-PRIMO Singapore!” Yina Goh, founder and owner of The Velvet Dolls, gushes. “Their collection of platinum masterpieces and unique wavy rings is just so stunning, and I’m swooning over every single piece!”

To ensure that you get sufficient time and privacy during your visit, a personalised consultation with a dedicated I-PRIMO specialist will take place in a cosy and private enclave within the boutique, where he or she will spend time understanding and identifying your needs and requirements while sharing her knowledge about the world of diamonds and fine jewellery with you to help you choose the perfect ring that symbolises your love and union.

“Their customer service is patient and to-the-point. I wasn’t aware of this brand before my visit, but I was surprised to find handmade rings with a special design here”, H.C. a customer who recently shopped at I-PRIMO shares. “They have quite a variety of ring designs, so if you are looking for unique designs for your wedding rings, this is not a place to be missed.”

Lin, another happy I-PRIMO customer, agrees. “I-PRIMO really has many different designs of platinum rings to choose from. We are very satisfied with the rings and the customer service we received, and would highly recommend couples who are searching for their wedding rings to visit the boutique.”

If you are a groom solo shopping for an engagement ring to surprise your love but don’t know where you should start from, don’t worry; I-PRIMO’s proposal concierges are ever-ready to help you. Using their wealth of experience, they are here to support you from the beginning to the end, helping you estimate the bride’s ring size based on a photo to picking a design that most suits her personality and style, to even suggesting ideas for a romantic proposal, if you are unsure of how you should plan your proposal.

And if you want to include your girl in the process but still want your proposal to be a surprise, I-PRIMO offers grooms the option of loaning a sample ring for the proposal upon paying a deposit, and return with their fiancée to pick out a diamond and ring design she loves.

“I recently collected my engagement ring and I am very satisfied with my experience,” D.B., I-PRIMO’s customer, shares. “I’m very thankful to the specialist who attended to us. She was very friendly and patient as she taught us how to choose the right diamond that meets our budget, as well as help me choose a ring style that suits my partner.”

To make your experience extra special, I-PRIMO offers exclusive services reserved only for their customers. Fully understanding how significant the rings will be to you, I-PRIMO offers a personalised engraving service so you can truly make the rings unique to you. You can choose to engrave a personal message to immortalise your love and commitment, commemorate a special date, or even a special message for your partner. Make the engraving romantic with calligraphy letters or timeless with regular letters, and embellish them with constellations, hearts and stars.

Instead of engraving a message or date on your rings, how about embedding a promise diamond to convey your feelings? An option unique to I-PRIMO, “Promise Diamonds” are small coloured diamonds which can be embedded on the inner side of the engagement and wedding band, and come in eight different colours. Each colour represents a different message, and you and your partner can choose either the same or different coloured diamonds to express your love to each other.

Omotenashi goes beyond simply providing good service in the moment, so you can continue to expect excellent customer service and support from I-PRIMO. To keep your treasured rings in perfect condition, I-PRIMO offers a comprehensive range of after-sales service to their customers, such as professional cleaning, complimentary size alteration, complimentary size exchange for the first time and a complimentary one-year free repair service for your rings.

Experience Omotenashi in Person at I-PRIMO’s boutique in Orchard

With 127 bridal jewellery specialty stores across Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and now, a flagship store in Singapore, I-PRIMO is a premium Japanese bridal jewellery brand celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship, brilliant and meaningful designs and famed Omotenashi customer service.

Experience the renowned Japanese-style Omotenashi customer service in person and let the genuine care, meticulous attention to detail and commitment of I-PRIMO’s specialist elevate your wedding ring shopping experience for a memorable time at their luxurious and spacious boutique in ION Orchard, and enjoy a discount of $150 with every $1,000 spent, excluding special priced items.

Receive an additional $100 discount voucher when you book an appointment at using the code “SB X IPRIMO”, stackable with ongoing promotions, from now until 17 September 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

I-PRIMO‘s flagship store is located in ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-33, Singapore 238801.

Credits: All images courtesy of I-PRIMO.

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Experience The Best Wedding Ring Shopping Journey with Japanese-Style “Omotenashi” Customer Service at I-PRIMO