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Made-to-order wedding & engagement ring based out of Tokyo, Japan

3 - 27 May 2024

520 You're The One

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One Story. One Ring.

A story of each couple is one-of-a-kind. So should your rings be. We listen to your stories, distill elements that symbolize your relationships, and translate them into ring designs.

Established in 2014, “ith” is a made-to-order wedding & engagement ring brand based out of Tokyo, Japan. Ayu Takahashi opened a small atelier in Kichijoji, Tokyo where she met clients and crafted rings herself. After 8 years and 10 ateliers, we maintain “One Story. One Ring.” as our promise.

The Brand

ith creates bridal jewelry with you.

Wedding bands may be the final result. However, we do not consider ourselves as a product manufacturer. Our job is not just about making and selling rings.

Our job is to give shape to your love, feelings and care for each other. What our clients value about ith the most is a one-off customer experience that is tailored to each couple.

The process of learning about your own preferences, finding an ideal concept for the two of you, and memories and experiences that you take along the way are just as important as the physical rings, if not more.

Regardless of our clients purchasing from us or not, we would like our clients to enjoy the process of making their rings. We believe that every couple deserves a happy journey with their marriage from their engagement proposal to wedding planning all the way to the wedding day and long after that.

The Craftsmanship

ith has an in-house production capabilities, which enables us to meet individual design needs, while maintain the product quality at the highest level.

As each of our rings are different in design, nothing can be mass produced. Artisans with decades of experience are working everyday to realize clients’ ideal rings.

The Atelier

We call our shop “an atelier.”
All of the 10 existing physical ateliers are designed with different aesthetics, yet built with a single objective.

We want our clients to feel as if they are visiting their friend’s house.

That friend happens to be a professional in jewelry making.

Each customer table is separated by an open partitions to provide a sense of privacy and coziness at the same time, which is essential for a relaxed, yet romantic time you spend in our ateliers.

At 80 Tras Street #01-01, we hope you enjoy the atmosphere as well.



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