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May 2024

The Wedding Feast: The Art Edition Styled Wedding Shoot

Sneak a peek at how our concept area at The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair 2024 in March transformed into the perfect set for an intriguing and modern wedding styled shoot.

The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair has always strived to make wedding shopping a fun and eye-opening experience for modern-day couples and inspire them with innovative and creative ways to theme their wedding. Last year, we invited couples to imagine and experience a wedding celebration in the heart of the forest, surrounded by the mystery and romance of the wilderness in “The Wedding Feast: Sensory Edition”.

This year, they experienced “The Wedding Feast: The Art Edition”, an art gallery themed concept area where botanical beauty and artistic expression become one and transform their modern wedding dreams into a contemporary celebration that is full of expression, romance, elegance and lasting beauty.

Conceptualised and styled by Hellofromflour, The “Wedding Feast: The Art Edition” was inspired by the desire to celebrate creativity and imagination through the weaving together of elements in floral artistry and the sophisticated ambience of a modern art gallery. We speak to Larry and Jophia, the husband-and-wife duo behind Hellofromflour, to learn about the inspiration behind the concept, the art pieces they and their fellow vendor friends created for the set-up, and how their inspiring design set up the perfect backdrop for a styled wedding shoot.

Last year, you created a mystical wilderness that gave couples a multi-sensory experience as they explored the concept area. This year, “The Wedding Feast: The Art Edition” offers a completely different experience. Tell us more about your vision behind it.

Larry and Jophia: This year, our goal was to transform the concept area into a living gallery where couples could immerse themselves in a blend of botanical beauty and artistic expression. Central to the concept were gallery walls adorned with curated floral arrangements that mimicked the look of framed art pieces.

Each floral composition was carefully crafted to resemble a work of art, with a focus on colour, harmony, balance, and texture. These floral ‘paintings’ served as the focal point, adding visual interest and sophistication to the space. Bespoke gallery benches were also strategically placed throughout the space to enhance the gallery-like atmosphere while providing functional seating, inviting couples to pause and admire the ‘artwork’ around them.

Walk us through the design process behind “The Wedding Feast: The Art Edition”. How did the individual elements come together to complete your vision of an art gallery themed wedding set-up, and what’s the story behind the bold red artwork on the main gallery wall? Were there names for the artwork on display?

Larry and Jophia: The centerpiece artwork was executed by our talented friend from On Staging, a truly impressive piece. Titled ‘Serenity in Chaos’, the artwork aims to illustrate a profound contrast between order and disorder within a canvas dominated by shades of red. Amidst a backdrop of chaotic red paint, a pristine white box emerges, symbolizing serenity amidst turmoil. This juxtaposition encourages viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between harmony and discord in their surroundings. Through this composition, On Staging explores themes of tranquility and composure found within the midst of chaos, offering a poignant reflection of everyday life.

We chose red as the hero colour for the artwork for its powerful symbolism and visual impact. In the context of the museum setting, red serves as a dynamic focal point that adds drama and intensity to the exhibit, drawing visitors towards the main artwork. By incorporating red blooms into our floral design, we not only reinforce the theme of love and strength but also pay homage to the cultural significance of red in art history, enriching the narrative and sensory experience for the couples.

The pièce de résistance of our concept was the floral art pieces, akin to sculptures or installations typically found in art galleries. This was then further developed into designs using a variety of flowers and foliage, carefully arranged to evoke the spirit of a contemporary art installation. It served as a captivating focal point, marrying the worlds of floral design and fine art seamlessly.

We titled each of the artwork after we secured the floral materials, artwork and furniture. This deliberate approach allowed us to let the living materials and design mediums inspire the artwork, rather than the other way around. After finalising the selection of floral arrangements and furniture pieces, we then embarked on a thoughtful process of reflection and interpretation.

Take us back to the styled wedding shoot. What was your vision for the shoot and how did you bring it to life?

Larry and Jophia: For the shoot, our vision was to celebrate the harmonious relationship between nature and artistry, with every fashion piece meticulously selected to complement the botanical backdrop. Gowns from Amanda Lee Weddings were thoughtfully curated to resonate with the colours, textures and styles of the floral arrangements to create a seamless visual narrative.

Against this lush canvas, our models Kaigin and Jordan embodied blooming elegance, showcasing a blend of organic textures and sophisticated fashion. This transformative power of fashion paired with floral beauty was magnificently captured by Iki Company, perfectly epitomising the harmonious relationship between nature-inspired artistry and timeless elegance.

Last but not least, I would like to say a huge thank you to all our industry friends for their invaluable contributions in making this vision a reality!

Organiser: SingaporeBrides
Spatial & Floral Design: Hellofromflour
Photography & Videography: Iki Company
Staging: On Staging
Bridal Boutique: Amanda Lee Weddings
Hair and Makeup Artist: The Makeup Room
Furnitures: Furniche
Tablewares: Fork Parade

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The Wedding Feast: The Art Edition Styled Wedding Shoot