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May 2023

The Quiet Self – A Sensory Garden Wedding Styled Shoot

You’ve seen and experienced the beautiful and sensory garden at The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair 2023. Now, learn how it was created and watch it transform into the perfect set for a mysterious and alluring wedding styled shoot meant to awaken the senses.

Earlier this year, we dreamed of giving our couples a unique wedding fair where they were treated to a sensory experience that would inspire their own wedding planning. To accomplish this, we partnered with Hellofromflour, who came up with a sensory garden that was not only beautiful to look at, but incredibly interesting to explore, captivating all of our senses as couples catch a glimpse of what their sensory wedding would be like.

The sensory garden, in addition to being an inspiring area for couples to discover, served as an ideal backdrop for a captivating wedding styled shoot that captures the romance and enigma of the wilderness, all without stepping outdoors. Seeing the potential, Larry and Jophia, the husband and wife duo behind Hellofromflour, collaborated with a band of wedding frendors to capture a wedding styled shoot that is set against this alluring set-up.

We speak to Larry and Jophia to find out more about the concept behind the sensory garden and the styled shoot they embarked on.

First, tell us about the concept behind the sensory garden at The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair 2023, and how you came up with it?

Larry and Jophia: We wanted to explore something more experiential for The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair this year and we thought we could try designing a multi-sensory environment, a concept space which can heighten the whole wedding fair experience and thereby align with the theme of the Fair “The Wedding Feast: Sensory Edition”.

We wanted to give the couples a visual feast as well as create sensory moments as they explore the set, so we introduced the elements of scent and sound into the set-up. Scents are powerful as it can remind us of a special memory such as your wedding day, or a special person such as your loved ones, or it can simply make us feel uplifted and bright. We also like that it can provoke a feeling in your guests, elevating the sensory experience of your family and friends. To make it even more meaningful (especially for us!), we designed our own ‘The Great Wedding Scent’ with scent designer, Elissa from Intimate Moments Aroma, and used the scent to complete the sensory experience couples would encounter as they navigated through the sensory garden.

Apart from designing a slightly more ‘interactive’ set design, we also tried injecting some tangible humour into our design, which we hope can inspire conversations. For instance, we added things which are not usually used for weddings, such as pasta and eggs – things that just don’t make sense but can potentially be a conservation starter. We felt little things like that can help elevate the sensory experience, hopefully, in a good way.

How does the styled shoot you embarked on differ from the initial concept of the sensory garden?

Larry and Jophia: While the set is about bringing the couples a visual feast and creating sensory moments, we wanted the styled shoot to be a more drawn back version of how sensory details can come into play, something slightly introverted. It’s all about self-discovery, awakening the senses and allowing your senses to blossom. Hence, we named the styled shoot “The Quiet Self”.

Would it be possible for a wedding couple incorporate the sensory garden concept into their wedding?

Larry and Jophia: To be fair, every wedding is a sensory wedding, it is just a matter of how deep we delve into it. But still, no two are the same, and we have to design with a purpose. An event set-up will, without doubt, differ from a wedding set-up, simply because it can be challenging to design a big set for weddings due to insufficient space or insufficient time for turnover.

For weddings, this is how we go about it: before anything happens, we have to first understand the site and study it well to identify potential site forces, because a good design flows with the site.

Organiser: SingaporeBrides
Design direction & floral design: Hellofromflour
Photography: Xinning from alone-together
Videography: Freshfromkenneth
Staging: Onstaging
Bridal Boutique: Amanda Lee Weddings
Hair and Makeup Artist: Ying Cui (@yyingcui) from Aastral Beauty
Furnitures: Furniche
Signages: Urban Li’l
Scent: Intimate Moments Aroma+Hellofromflour
Tablewares: Fork Parade

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The Quiet Self – A Sensory Garden Wedding Styled Shoot