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December 2020

A Dreamy and Enchanting Wedding Styled Shoot By The Moonlight at 1-Altitude

In our last shoot for the year, we head to the iconic 1-Altitude for an enchanting styled shoot filled with fog, mirrors and the dreamy glow of the moon light.

As the year comes to a close, we embarked on one last shoot before we welcome new beginnings and better times in 2021, and we couldn’t think of a better venue than the ever iconic 1-Altitude for our very last styled shoot for 2020.

Situated in the heart of the central business district, 1-Altitude is home to a variety of spaces perfect for intimate celebrations of any kind. Famous for the romantic sunset solemnisations under the open sky with unobstructed and mesmerising views of the city landscape up on the Rooftop Gallery and the ever elegant and contemporary settings in Stellar, Larry and Jophia from FLOUR were more than excited to be dressing up these well-loved spaces.

They dreamed of a wedding in the sky with the mysterious and alluring twilight colours for both spaces, with the addition of fog, mirrors and moon light for that sense of romantic mystery as the sun sets and transitions into the starry night. To bring their vision to life, they teamed up with a talented band of wedding vendors including Justrealle Photography, Amanda Lee Weddings, The Old Fashion House, Makeup Entourage, A Brush With Mel, Haute Cakes, MIRA, ForkParade and Livlov Jewelry, and a lovely couple, Alicia and Ryan, whose wedding we’ve featured previously.

A soft, airy floral structure made out of fluffy baby’s breath dyed in different hues of blue, peppered with tinges of white and a touch of coral, was the key focus for the dreamy sunset solemnisation Larry and Jophia envisioned for the Rooftop Gallery but the weather had a different plan.

As we watched the sky darkened by the second and listened to the pitter-patter of the downpour against the floor-to-ceiling windows at Stellar, we had to activate our wet weather plan and move the solemnisation structure down to the restaurant instead. While we all could not help but to feel a little disappointed that we had to miss out on a rooftop sunset solemnisation at the ever popular Rooftop Gallery, our disappointment quickly dissipated when we saw how well the whimsical floral structure FLOUR had created complemented the elegant and modern interiors of Stellar.

The rain, albeit a little unexpected, was the perfect finishing touch to FLOUR’s vision of a dreamy, foggy and whimsical wedding in the sky, as the gloomy sky bathed the restaurant in just enough light to give it a romantic glow and ambience. Love was clearly in the air, with Stellar all dressed up as if Alicia and Ryan were getting married all over again as they posed lovingly for Jazreel from Justrealle Photography!

To complement the whimsical floral solemnisation structure and the elegant interiors of Stellar, Alicia wore two minimalist white gowns that exude elegance and modernity from Amanda Lee Weddings, while Ryan was dressed in a salmon pink three-piece suit for a more lighthearted vibe for a solemnisation, and a blue-grey three-piece suit with a bowtie for a more formal look for a dinner celebration, both from The Old Fashion House. To complement her dresses, Lydia from Makeup Entourage dolled Alicia up with light, natural makeup and a sophisticated up-do for an elegant bridal look.

Known for her vintage and bohemian yet minimalist rings, Livlov Jewelry’s pretty rings and elegant earrings, which she created specially for the shoot, were a perfect complement to the gowns Alicia wore and FLOUR’s vision of a mysterious and romantic wedding in the sky.

A Brush With Mel joined us for the shoot and while she is known for her beautiful handprinted floral designs, she created a wedding stationery suite with minimalist and modern brushstrokes in the same hues of grey-blue to complement the florals in FLOUR’s dreamy solemnisation structure.

Homegrown skincare brand, MIRA, who is also known for her handmade artisan soaps, was also invited to be part of the shoot. Instead of the usual drinks or dessert bar, we had a soap bar with MIRA’s too-beautiful-to-use artisan soaps, which FLOUR styled beautifully with tea lights, florals and MIRA’s pretty gift boxes. Set up right in the middle of the restaurant, the soap bar would be a great alternative to the usual guest activity bars and an excellent idea for guests to pick up their artisan soap favours at the end of a wedding celebration. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely pretty!

As day transitioned to night, moon light streamed in from the floor-to-ceiling windows and bathed the restaurant in a mysterious dreamy glow. FLOUR transitioned the solemnisation set-up by adding several glowing orbs to enhance the romantic vibe on set, and the end result was nothing short of amazing!


We would like to thank all of the vendors and our beautiful couple, Alicia and Ryan, who came together to make this styled shoot a reality! We loved working with you and had plenty of fun doing so, and we hope that you did too! Last but not least, thank you 1-Altitude for inviting us and providing us with a beautiful and elegant space to work with!

Organiser and Publisher: SingaporeBrides
Photography: Justrealle Photography
Venue: 1-Altitude
Stylist: FLOUR
Florist: FLOUR
Hair and Makeup: Makeup Entourage
Wedding Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
Groom’s Suit: The Old Fashion House
Wedding Stationery: A Brush With Mel
Wedding Cake: Haute Cakes
Handcrafted Artisan Soaps: MIRA
Tableware: ForkParade
Wedding Jewellery: Livlov Jewelry
Models: Alicia and Ryan

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A Dreamy and Enchanting Wedding Styled Shoot By The Moonlight at 1-Altitude