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April 2024

I-PRIMO Celebrates 25 Years of Bringing Love Stories to Life

I-PRIMO celebrates its 25th anniversary with true love stories, brought to life in its beautiful engagement and wedding ring collections.

Japanese bridal jewellery specialist I-PRIMO stands as a testament to the beauty of unique love stories, dedicating itself to encapsulating the essence of each couple’s journey into the very design of their engagement and wedding rings.

This year, I-PRIMO celebrates 25 years of bringing happiness to couples. With a quarter of a century of experience, the jeweller has honed its craft to narrate tales of love, commitment, and shared dreams through its exquisite collections. Every couple has a unique story to tell, and I-PRIMO brings that story to life through their rings.

Storied Rings, Inspired by Love

To reflect the incredible decision to join their lives together forever, couples search for the perfect wedding bands that encapsulate their special story. Rings that are personal and meaningful, that are symbols of the journey they took to get to this new milestone. Rings that weave together moments of joy, challenges overcome, and shared dreams for the future.

This distinct narrative of love and companionship is what couples seek to capture in the selection of their wedding rings—a symbol that, beyond its sparkle and elegance, carries the essence of their shared history and individual personalities. I-PRIMO, in its 25 years of celebrating love, recognises the profound significance of these symbols and is dedicated to crafting rings that reflect the uniqueness of each couple’s journey.

Thoughtfully Designed, Masterfully Crafted

For 25 years, the designers and craftsmen at I-PRIMO have worked together to create engagement rings and wedding bands that speak of love. “I truly wish for our customers to find happiness,” shares an I-PRIMO jewellery designer. That sincere wish is behind the elegant and evocative ring designs at I-PRIMO, each one waiting to be imbued with the significance of a couple’s unique story.

“The quality of a ring largely depends on the craftsman’s skill,” shares one of their master craftsmen. “In essence, it’s a testament to the human touch.” The brand’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that every love story is unique, and it strives to bring these narratives to life by offering personalised consultations and a wide array of design and customisation options.


True Love Stories

With so many happy couples served over the years, I-PRIMO has witnessed many beautiful love stories. In celebration of I-PRIMO’s 25th anniversary, couples from all over Japan share the memories behind their enchanting rings. One lady from Saga Prefecture remembers how, not long after they began dating, her boyfriend called her at night just to present her with a bouquet of sunflowers he had wrapped himself.

When he was searching for the perfect engagement ring that said “I will love you forever” in the language of flowers, I-PRIMO’s consultants helped him find a ring from the Flowery collection, which featured beautiful curves like flower petals. “Even now, every time I look at the ring, I feel as warm as when I received a bouquet of flowers for the first time that day,” she shares.

Another bride from Tokyo recounts how her fireman husband chose the Orion engagement ring, to remind her that he will always watch over her, just like the stars in the sky. A classic and timeless design from I-PRIMO’s engagement ring collection, Orion is inspired by the constellation, with the design of the side stones embracing the centre diamond resembling the three sparkling stars.

NocturnalNocturnalOrion and ArtemisiaOrion and Artemisia

Collections Sparkling with Promise

Thoughtfully designed and masterfully handcrafted to each custom order, I-PRIMO’s engagement and wedding ring collections offer over 200 ring designs so couples can choose the perfect rings that resonate with their story.

Nocturnal, a wedding band collection, is named after an instrument that measures time based on the position of a star in relation to Polaris. The elegant wavy lines cast the sparkle of a promising future, representing how a couple’s clock starts to tick together as their two stars align. The ring with the seven melee diamonds represents the Plough, while the inner band of the other ring hides a diamond in the shape of Polaris. The rings complement each other when stacked, representing the couple coming together.

Inspired by the goddess of the moon who won her love in the night sky, the Artemisia collection features crescent-shaped wedding bands that reflect moonlight bursting through the clouds, showcasing their excellent craftsmanship. Each engagement and wedding ring by I-PRIMO is specially made to order, so couples can select their individual diamonds, metals, and finishes to craft the perfect ring.


In 2022, I-PRIMO brought their years of bridal jewellery experience to Singapore, helping couples find their perfect ring match in their beautiful flagship store in ION Orchard. As I-PRIMO celebrates this significant anniversary, its legacy of bringing happiness to couples through the art of jewellery making continues to shine brightly. The brand’s dedication to each couple’s love story and its ability to immortalise these tales in rings is what sets I-PRIMO apart in the hearts of those it serves. Read all about I-PRIMO’s 25th anniversary celebration and true love stories on their [website]. Find a piece of your love story at I-PRIMO today. Make a reservation for a complimentary consultation session at their flagship store in ION Orchard, #B1-33.


In honour of their 25th anniversary, I-PRIMO is excited to give away a stunning 0.25ct natural diamond* (valued at $2,050) to one special customer! Join the giveaway on their Instagram post before 19 May 2024.

I-PRIMO is located at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-33, Singapore 238801. Email them at [email protected] or contact them at +65 9653 6058.

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I-PRIMO Celebrates 25 Years of Bringing Love Stories to Life