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November 2022

Treasured Keepsakes of Love With I-PRIMO

For wedding rings that are timeless, unique and excellently made, I-PRIMO is your go-to jeweller.

Rings play an important role in every couple’s union. It is every couple’s jewellery of choice when it comes to the time to ask the all important question and seal the deal with the promise of a lifetime of love, fidelity and commitment. With such importance and meaning attached to engagement rings and wedding bands, it is no wonder soon-to-be-wed couples demand excellence in the quality, make and design of the rings that represent their love and promise to each other, ones that they’ll wear for the rest of their lives.

Couples who are looking for the crème de la crème of engagement rings and wedding bands need not look further than I-PRIMO. Hailing from Japan, I-PRIMO is a premium Japanese bridal jewellery brand that promises to fulfil the hopes and dreams of every couple looking for their perfect ring. With 127 bridal jewellery specialty stores across Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, and now Singapore, I-PRIMO is no stranger to the need of excellence in making engagement rings and wedding bands that encapsulates the everlastingness of love and marriage.

I-PRIMO employs a stringent selection process for their diamonds and craftsmanship. To ensure that their diamonds are the cream of the crop, I-PRIMO only carries round cut diamonds that are awarded Triple Excellent, a grade given by GIA to identify diamonds that possess excellent symmetry, cut and polish, for gemstones with maximum brilliance. On top of that, I-PRIMO’s diamonds, even those with less than 1mm in diameter, are also awarded 3Excellent, an indication that their diamonds are so perfectly symmetrical that Hearts and Cupids are visible, proving that the brilliance of their diamonds are the best in the industry.

The Origin Belief CollectionAsanoya from the Hatsusora Collection

Couples can expect the same dedication to quality in the craftsmanship of their rings. Only skilled craftsmen with world-class techniques and skills are entrusted with the task of creating these treasured keepsakes for I-PRIMO’s couples. Additional care and thought have also been put into the choice of material used to create these rings, with I-PRIMO opting to use high purity platinum for most of their rings, instead of the more common 18K gold most jewellers carry. While platinum is arguably rarer and more expensive, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to oxidation, and harder than 18K gold, making it more durable, a quality that couples would definitely appreciate in the rings that they are going to wear for a long time.

For couples who prefer yellow or rose gold coloured jewellery, you’d be happy to learn that I-PRIMO also carries a range of engagement rings and wedding band collections in these colours. On top of these familiar colours, I-PRIMO will be launching a new pale brown gold colour for wedding bands on 15 November 2022, perfect for those who do not fancy the rose gold colour but wishes to pair their bands with their significant other.

The Etoile CollectionThe Etoile Collection

Not only are they renowned for their excellence in the quality and make of their rings, they are also well-known for their excellent and personalised Japanese-style customer service, widely known as Omotenashi and Omoiyari. Omotenashi, a term that has become inseparable from Japanese brands, simply means Japanese hospitality that revolves around the care of guests to ensure the best experience possible.

Omoiyari refers to the ability to emphatize and think in the other’s shoes, to anticipate what they need and give it to them, before they even ask for it. All I-PRIMO specialists are trained in this Japanese style customer service to provide couples with nothing less than exceptional service before, during and after their visit, to create the best experience possible.

The Flowery Collection

Individuals searching for the perfect engagement ring or couples who are on the hunt for unique and quality wedding bands can rely on the knowledge and recommendations of their specialists, who will spend time understanding and identifying their needs and requirements before making suitable recommendations. Going above and beyond the service of crafting quality rings, I-PRIMO also offers a line-up of thoughtful after-sales service that couples might be in need of after their big day, such as complimentary professional cleaning for your rings and size alteration, complimentary one-year repair service, and more. Couples will be relieved to know that they can loan a sample ring for their proposal upon the purchase of a loose diamond, and return later to finalise the ring!

But what truly sets I-PRIMO apart from other jewellers is their wide variety of engagement ring designs and unique collections of wedding bands. Whether you are looking for a simple or an opulent design, a classic or modern style, with over 200 designs of rings to choose from, couples are sure to find the ring for their wedding. Although I-PRIMO carries ready-made designs that are made-to-order, they recognise their couples’ need for customisation and unique designs, which is why all of their creations are distinctively and exquisitely crafted for the brand, in varying styles and sizes to cater to each and every couple’s story.

The Hatsusora CollectionThe Hatsusora CollectionThe Hatsusora Collection

The Hatsusora collection, in particular, stands out from the rest of I-PRIMO’s thoughtful collections. Named after a seasonal haiku that represents the sky of the New Year’s day, Hatsusora comprises of eight unique designs with with the concept of seasonal stories related to the sky in Japan. The collection features unique designs that make use of Japanese traditional techniques that only a very limited number of craftsmen can perform, making the rings in the Hatsusora collection truly one-of-a-kind, meaningful and thoughtful.

Couples who desire a greater level of customisation can explore the Origin Belief collection. Featuring a collection of graceful and elegant wedding bands that you can personalise from the colour and width of the band to how many diamonds you’d like your ring to sport, couples can enjoy creating the perfect combination that tells their story as individuals and as a pair.

The Origin Belief CollectionThe Origin Belief Collection

With the amount of dedication shown in the stringent selection of diamonds, the care exercised in the craftsmanship of the ring, the exceptional service from their specialists that goes beyond your wedding day, and the effort in crafting unique and meaningful ready-made designs that are made-to-order, it is not difficult to see why I-PRIMO is the leading jeweller for engagement rings and wedding bands that represent you.

I-PRIMO’s First Flagship Store in Singapore

I-PRIMO’s expansion into Southeast Asia has led to its flagship store opening at ION Orchard in mid November. Up until the opening of their flagship store, couples can make an appointment here with I-PRIMO to view their designs and shop for their engagement and wedding rings at their pop-up store at ION Orchard #B1-14.

From now until 31 December 2022, shop for an engagement ring at I-PRIMO and take part in the “Say I Do Campaign”, and stand a chance to win amazing prizes including a romantic staycation worth $1,000, a bespoke proposal worth $500 and an intimate dinner for two worth $500. All you have to do is to purchase an engagement ring from I-PRIMO’s store at ION Orchard, and complete the participation form by 31 December 2022. Read up on the “Say I Do Campaign” here!

I-PRIMO‘s flagship store will be located in ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-33, Singapore 238801.

All images courtesy of I-PRIMO.

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Treasured Keepsakes of Love With I-PRIMO