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July 2023

Two Hearts, Infinite Love in I-PRIMO’s Kokoroboshi Collection

Inspired by the transcendence of eternal love written in the stars, I-PRIMO’s newest wedding set Kokoroboshi features two rings that interlock to form the symbol of infinity.

In the mystery of the vast universe, two souls find themselves colliding in a cosmic embrace. Two hearts beat in sync to the rhythm of the universe, and two destinies align with the stars, in a love that transcends time and space. To encapsulate the power and beauty of this moment, the Kokoroboshi collection by I-PRIMO was born.

Written in the Stars

Captivated by Greek myths and constellations, premium Japanese bridal jeweller I-PRIMO constantly strives to create meaningful rings that tell a couple’s story. With masterful craftsmanship, signature Japanese hospitality, and thoughtful designs, I-PRIMO crafts each ring to embody the love and commitment between a couple. The renowned bridal jeweller launches its newest collection to capture the hearts of stargazers–the Kokoroboshi Collection, for love eternally written in the stars.

The Kokoroboshi collection was inspired by Antares, the radiant red star at the heart of the constellation of Scorpius, which burns with a luminosity thousands of times greater than our sun. The collection captivates with its brilliant and unique design that tells a story of the shining and eternal love between a couple. The set of wedding bands and engagement ring represents two hearts coming together to create infinite love that shines as brightly as the brightest star in the cosmos, as the wedding bands’ angled heart-shaped notches interlock to form the symbol of infinity. To crown it all, the collection’s engagement ring solitaire sparkles with fire and brilliance in its intricately set heart-shaped prongs.

Wish Upon a Star

Catch a dazzling star and place it on the finger of your beloved, as a promise of your forever love. Designed to reflect the fiery radiance of Antares, the Kokoroboshi engagement ring accentuates the brilliance of its solitaire diamond with a setting in glowing yellow gold. The engagement ring’s unique contrasting gold setting adds a warm glow to the diamond’s scintillating fire, like the red heart of Antares, as the diamond reflects the golden shimmer of the precious metal. A choice of yellow gold or rose gold is available to reflect the eternal flame of your love, ignited in the heart of the cosmos.

The ring’s beautiful side profile reveals two heart-shaped windows that represent the love between a couple. They also cleverly let in the light to make the solitaire diamond sparkle more brilliantly. Like stars surrounding the celestial heart in a constellation, two melee diamonds at the base of the setting capture and reflect the light to create a truly mesmerising glow around its central star.

Two Hearts Together for Infinity

As you step into your new future hand in hand and with your hearts intertwined, seal your vows with symbols of your everlasting love. Just like your profound connection that no one else could understand, the new Kokoroboshi wedding bands each hold a secret that only the two of you know. Lock their heart-shaped notches together and they form the symbols of infinity. For love that is as boundless as the galaxies above, for hearts that burn with passion like the stars, forever is not long enough.

Representing the infinite connection and love between two soulmates, the Kokoroboshi wedding bands are intricately crafted to fit each other with a hidden mechanism only known to the wearers. The minimalist and angular design features a two-tone finish, and comes to a notch in the centre that is subtly evocative of a heart. When the two heart-shaped notches are aligned, the rings interlock to represent eternal love.

One wedding band features a diamond melee, while the corresponding other ring is a wide band has a diamond satin finish. With its angular notch, the Kokoroboshi wedding band is designed to fit perfectly with the matching Kokoroboshi engagement ring when worn together, with the dazzling diamonds on the wedding band creating an ethereal constellation around the central star of the solitaire diamond.

To tell each couple’s unique story, I-PRIMO’s masterful artisans can customise the wedding bands with different precious metals–platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold–and different finishes. Together, the three rings in the Kokoroboshi wedding set weave a story of two hearts that join together to create a brilliant starburst of love, that will shine into eternity.

Exclusive Offers

Let your story unfold among the stars, in a testament to a love that would forever shine, written in the tapestry of the heavens. To celebrate the launch of the celestial Kokoroboshi collection, save up to $700 on the new wedding bands! You can also enjoy $150 off with every $1,000 spent on other wedding band and engagement ring collections (not applicable for use with Ulysses and Kokoroboshi launch discounts).

Plus, exclusively for SingaporeBrides readers, I-PRIMO is gifting you a free promise diamond (excluding the grace pink colour) with any purchase of an engagement ring or wedding band at I-PRIMO Singapore, when you book your appointment at using the code “SB X IPRIMO” from now until 23 July 2023. Terms and conditions apply. Visit I-PRIMO at ION Orchard, #B1-33, for your bespoke consultation on rings to seal your infinite love.

I-PRIMO‘s flagship store is located in ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-33, Singapore 238801.

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Two Hearts, Infinite Love in I-PRIMO’s Kokoroboshi Collection