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October 2016

Love’s Narrative by Substance Films

A well-made wedding video will transport you back to that magical day when you said “I do”.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the joy, fun and heartwarming moments that happen during a wedding cannot be replicated, wedding videography allows couples to re-visit and bask in these memories and emotions anytime they want. More than just moving visuals that document your big day, wedding videos are lifetime keepsakes that you can always return to to experience the joy of your nuptials. They are mini films of one of your most treasured moments, starring all whom you hold close to heart.

And who better to document those precious moments than the team at Substance Films. Founded by Yang in 2005, Substance Films is well known for their personalised and poignant videos. Making full use of his film-making knowledge, Yang incorporated film-making elements into traditional wedding videography, becoming one of the first videographers to produce cinematic wedding videos.

Yang’s passion and talent for film-making is evident in the way he speaks about the videos he makes. “Like a movie, our videos begin with an introduction that builds up to a climax and ends with a resolution,” Yang elaborates. “There is a narrative in every couple’s story and it is our job to discover and represent that narrative in our videos in a cinematic fashion.” No two videos produced by Substance Films are the same, except for its ability to tug on everyone’s heartstrings. Blessed with a keen eye for identifying and capturing heartfelt and one-of-a-kind moments and creative details, Yang ensures that every video he produces are unique to his couples.

For something more scripted, couples can go for a pre-wedding video with Substance Films. The team will work with couples to conceptualise and develop a storyline for their video according to their wishes. “Pre-wedding videos are a great way to showcase the personalities of and the bond between a couple. It is also a great alternative to the usual childhood montage video and an excellent way to tell your story as a couple to your friends and family,” Yang points out. “We can even create your very own movie poster that you can display at the wedding and in your home after that!”

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in documenting weddings and producing beautiful videos, you can rely on Yang and his creative team at Substance Films to deliver the wedding video you’ve always wanted. Nothing brings Yang greater joy than to gift his couples with a cherished keepsake of the best day of their lives and you can count on the Substance Films team to give you just that.

Email [email protected] or call +65 9299 4143 to make an appointment with Substance Films. To view more of their videos, visit their Vimeo page.

Credits: Feature Image from Jonathan and Melissa’s Wedding Highlights.

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Love’s Narrative by Substance Films