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One of Singapore’s most awarded wedding cinematographers.


The team behind Substance Films are a group of artists with a passion for storytelling. With humble beginnings, Substance Films through its professionalism, expertise and know-how, have grown to become today’s leading specialist in videography and has produced innumberable wedding & event films in Singapore and overseas.

Equipped with a film-making background, Yang, the brilliant mind behind the studio is extremely well-versed in cinematography, always capturing from the best angles nonetheless. Other than that, he is also a creative personnel in media productions. Having done quite a fair bit of assistance in directing numerous short and featured length films which have gained international recognitions and awards in film festival all over the world. For the seventh year running, Substance Films has been awarded the Best Of Singapore in the wedding videgraphers category by the prestigious Singapore Tatler.

Known for his keen eye for moments and creative details, Yang & his team are able to translate and personalize each and every weeding film which stands out for their cinematic style.


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Bryan & Su-Mae Express Highlights // Directed by Yang

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Jonathan & Melissa Wedding Day Highlights // Directed by Yang

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Keith & Lily Wedding Day Highlights // Directed by Yang

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Yang & Jill Couple’s Moments Short Film // Directed by Yang

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Kelvin & PikGah Ireland Pre-wedding Concept Film // Directed by Yang

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Benjamin & Cindy Pre-wedding Concept Film // Directed by Yang

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I have never thought that a short wedding highlight could do so much to pull the heartstrings of the viewers, until I saw the wedding video highlights created by Yang for our wedding. Our dinner was amazing, but what makes it even more special was to see the morning highlights in a totally different light and how everything that happened falls perfectly into a story. A story that could only be creatively directed by Master Yang :) Its just 1 day after our wedding, but the video that was created has been on replay button ever since the link was created! It was a great pleasure to work together with Yang as he is very professional and he is able to direct the couples to capture the best moments for them. My husband and i could only say that Yang and his team really lived up to his name as Singapore's best wedding videographer. Kudos to you and keep up the name and the good job!
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