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May 2023

10 Essential Pieces of Wedding Stationery You Need For Your Happily Ever After

Here’s a guide on 10 essential wedding stationery you need for your big day.

Your wedding stationery is an essential part of your celebration as it sets the tone and creates excitement amongst your guests and communicates key information of the event. It also adds a personalised touch to the celebration, as you infuse your personal preferences and vision into the wedding stationery, offering your guests an insight on your personalities as individuals and as a couple.

Before you search for a wedding stationer that suits your budget and theme, you will first need to decide what wedding stationery items, aside from your wedding invitations, you need for your celebration. To help you narrow down the list down, we’ve put together a list of 10 essential wedding stationery you’ll need for your big day.

1. Wedding Invitation

Patricia and Martijn’s Island Luxe Wedding in Khayangan Estate, Bali by Terralogical

Whether you choose a physical copy or an e-copy, your wedding invitation is arguably the most important piece of wedding stationery. It symbolises the couple’s formal invitation to their guests to join them on their special day, and gives them a hint of what to expect of the celebration.

2. Direction Card

Enclosing a direction card in your wedding invitation will prove helpful to your guests, especially if you are tying the knot in a location that is lesser known or out of the way of any public transport.

Even if your guests are familiar with or know of your wedding venue, this thoughtful gesture of including a simple map and/or directions to get to the venue along with its address on the flip side of your wedding invitation, or on a separate direction card, will definitely be appreciated by them.

3. Wedding Signage

Nicole and Meng’s Lively Squid Game Themed Gatecrash and Joyous Wedding by Multifolds Productions

Wedding signages are a great item to include into your celebration. Not only are they functional, providing important information and direction for your guests, they are also decorative, adding to the overall aesthetics of the wedding.

You can also use wedding signages to draw attention to special areas or activities at the wedding, such as a photo wall of you and your fiancé’s love story, or the photo booth area where your guests can interact and enjoy themselves.

4. Wedding Program

While not all weddings require or have a wedding program, it is good to have if your solemnisation ceremony

if your solemnisation ceremony is happening at a different location than your wedding banquet, or if there is a waiting time between when the two ceremonies are happening, then it’ll be good to provide your guests with a wedding ceremony program so that they are aware of the flow of events and the locations these are taking place at.

5. Wedding Vow Books

Sandra and Eugene’s Intimate Wedding in Keyaki Garden Pavilion Filled with Cherry Blossoms by Iki Company

While this item is less for your guests and more for you, it would be a good idea to include wedding vow books into your list of must-have wedding stationery.

Having a physical copy of the words that come straight from the bottom of your heart, penned down in the most romantic of fonts by an experienced calligrapher, will make for one of your lifetime’s most precious and treasured keepsake of the day you vowed to love and care for each other forever.

Besides, reading your vows from a vow book will look much prettier on photos than reading them from a piece of paper or worse, your phone.

6. Seating Plan Display

Instead of your guests checking with the people at the reception, why not create a seating plan display so they can check on where they should be seated at on their own?

Your seating plan display should clearly indicate their names and their assigned tables, along with an easy-to-understand map of the banquet hall, so your guests can quickly identify and locate their seats without any confusion or difficulty.

Having a seating plan display also allows your guests to know who they would be seated with at a glance, instead of finding out after they have been seated. This can encourage them to mingle with the guests who are seated at the same table as they are before the banquet commences, creating a more dynamic and sociable atmosphere during the reception.

7. Wedding Table Numbers/Names Cards

Yanyee and Zenas’s Industrial Boho Wedding at Singapore Wine Vault with Warm Earthy Tones by Smittenpixels. Co

Depending on your wedding theme, table number or name cards are a necessity. They should be clearly displayed at the tables so your guests can find their way to their assigned tables.

8. Place Cards

Unless you are allowing your guests to sit themselves freely at their assigned tables, you should prepare place cards along with the rest of your wedding stationery.

Place cards will allow your guests to know exactly where they are supposed to be seated at their assigned table, and serves as a little momento they can bring home from the wedding. So, feel free to get creative with the type of place card you want for your wedding.

9. Wedding Menu Cards

Katrina and Naresh’s Sunshine Yellow Wildflower Wedding at The Alkaff Mansion by Lydia K Photography

Along with a place card, you should also provide a menu card for each and every one of your guest, instead of having just a single menu card to be shared with everyone seated at the table.

With a personal menu card, your guests can take a look at what would be served during the lunch and dinner, especially for guests with special dietary requirements.

10. Bar Menu

With personalised cocktails becoming a more popular feature at weddings, having a menu of the available alcoholic concoctions on display will make it more convenient for your guests to order their drinks.

If you choose not to serve any alcohol at your wedding, you can simply include the list of drinks available for order in the menu card, so your guests have an idea of what drinks they are able to order.

Feature image from Light-Filled Modern Avant-Garde Glasshouse Styled Shoot at 1-Atico by Iki Company.

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10 Essential Pieces of Wedding Stationery You Need For Your Happily Ever After