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June 2014

29 Unique Engagement Rings For Every Girl

Who says engagement rings are always diamond solitaires? We’ve selected 29 gorgeous and unique engagement rings for the bride, or groom, looking for something different.

With beautiful ring designs for the modern minimalist, the vintage lover, the colourful personality, and the alternative bride, you’ll find lots of inspiration when choosing the perfect alternative engagement ring for your unique personality.

For the Vintage Bride

One of the most charming things about a unique vintage engagement ring is knowing you’re wearing a piece of history. Antique inspired engagement rings, which are designed with timeless elegance in mind, give you the chance to imbue your own love story into a precious heirloom. Whether you love elaborate filigree in classic tones, or bold and colourful rings a la The Great Gatsby, these vintage engagement rings will get you inspired.

1. Pear-shaped Ring by Poh Heng (Price on request)

2. Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring by Erstwhile Jewelry (USD $9,000)

3. Victorian Diamond Ring by Doyle & Doyle (USD $2,950)

4. Art Deco Diamond & Emerald Engagement Ring by Wilson Brothers via Etsy (USD $3,399.99)

5. 1.45ct Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring by Estate Diamond Jewelry (USD $12,000)

6. Wintrop by Trumpet and Horn (USD $6,100)

7. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Estate Diamond Jewelry (USD $31,000) 8. The Seine Ring by Brilliant Earth (USD $1,375)

For the Alternative, Indie bride

These beautiful rings are creatively unconventional, and have a contemporary, fresh feel to their designs. Indie and edgy, these unique engagement rings are for the bride who bucks tradition and celebrates love with personality.

1. Holiday in Venice Ring by Polly Wales via Catbird (USD $5,610)

2. Pentagonal Ring with Swarovski by Elyona via Wolf and Badger (£140).

3. Asymmetrical Avens Ring with Rough Diamond by Bario Neal (from USD $2619)

4. The Queen Mab Ring by Polly Wales via Catbird (USD$ 5,786)

5. RCLT544-B by E-Clarity (SGD $1,096)

6. Blue Sapphire Ring by Lauren Wolf via Catbird (USD $1,100)

For the Modern, Minimalist Bride

Designed with clean lines and sophisticated sheen, these unique engagement rings are for the unconventional bride with a minimalist sense of style. If you’re tickled by the idea of a shiny metal rock or simply want a light and delicate band to signify your commitment, these are the rings for you.

1. Cala Small Sapphire Ring by Bario Neal (from USD $820)

2. Loveknot Ring by Isabelle Rowe via Wolf and Badger (£850)

3. Medium Band – Multi Color Sapphires by Polly Wale via Catbird (USD $4,780)

4. Nikko Ring by Bario Neal (from USD $1,766)

5. R00512 by E-Clarity (SGD $1,351)

6. Baguette Knife Edge Bands by Lizzie Mandler (USD $1,600)

7. Modern Rock Asscher Engagement Ring by metalicious via Etsy (USD $680)

8. Fishtail Diamond Ring by Bario Neal (from USD $350)

For the Colourful Bride

Non-diamond engagement rings and fancy coloured diamond rings have been sparkling in the spotlight, since brides fell head over wedding heels in love again with the deep hues and unique characteristics of coloured gemstones. As alternative engagement rings, gemstone rings are a statement of a bright personality and style.

1. Oceans Sapphire Ring by Poh Heng (Price on request)

2.Elizabeth Ring RI1008787 by Larry Jewelry (SGD $48,500)

3. Orleans by Trumpet and Horn (USD $2,150)

4. Rose Quartz Ring by Glacier Jewellery via Wolf and Badger (£280)

5. Stonewall by Trumpet and Horn (USD $3,350)

6. Vintage Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring by Erstwhile Jewelry(USD $3,600)

7. Tiffany Enchant Yellow Diamond Ring (Price on request)

Images courtesy of E-Clarity, Larry Jewelry, Poh Heng, and Tiffany & Co., and from respective jewellers. If you believe that we have neglected to attribute your work or have done so incorrectly, or if you want your work removed from this site, please email us at [email protected].

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29 Unique Engagement Rings For Every Girl