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June 2018

Crown Your Love with Chaumet’s Bridal Customisation Service For A One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Ring

With Chaumet’s newly launched “Crown Your Love” bridal customisation service, you can now personalise your very own one-of-a-kind ring for your wedding.

Said to be one of the oldest marital rituals that dates back to almost 5000 years ago, the exchange of rings is a familiar tradition practiced at weddings. The circular shape of the ring was regarded as the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end, making it the perfect accessory to promise the love of your life neverending and immortal love. To give even more meaning to these rings of love, Parisian jeweller Chaumet has crafted a unique “Crown Your Love” customisation service where couples can personalise one-of-a-kind engagement rings for their once-in-a-lifetime.

Chaumet’s Diamonds: Beyond the 4Cs

Founded by Marie-Etienne Nitot in Paris, Parisian jeweller Chaumet has been crafting exceptional jewellery since 1780. Known for their quality and creativity of its jewellery artisans, the French jeweller was the most sought after jeweller in Europe and a personal favourite of a loyal and prestigious clientele including Napoleon. Today, Chaumet is known for its style of modern and airy settings while retaining its signature luxury and quality craftsmanship and creativity in their jewellery.

True to its tradition of “Jeweller of Feelings”, Chaumet selects only the highest quality diamonds that embody purity, perfection and eternal love. Known for their Excellence in High Jewellery, all diamonds and precious stones at the Maison are meticulously selected according to a set of stringent criteria that goes beyond the 4Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat).

In addition to the usual 4Cs, every Chaumet diamond is chosen based on a fifth criterion that is beyond the GIA certificate known as Harmony, a sort of “golden number” of proportion that ensures perfect balance for its creations, ensuring that every diamond picked is exceptionally symmetrical, pure and radiant.

Chaumet’s Emblematic Collections

Devoted to celebrating your cherished moments, love and passion, the Maison has created a series of delicate and timeless rings in seven emblematic collections. Inspired by the Maison’s very first muse, Joséphine, one of Chaumet’s bestselling collections, the Joséphine collection takes on a contemporary interpretation of the tiara with an elegance and lightness, crowning the finger with grandeur and femininity with a pear shaped or cushion cut central stones.

The Liens collection, another one of the Maison’s bestselling collections, features a line-up of inspiring rings featuring Queen Marie-Antoinette’s dear ribbons and tieknots, iconic motifs that interlaces, ties and unties in the tradition of sentimental jewellery. The collection evokes the ties between two souls, paying tribute to life’s most special moments, making it the perfect series of rings to celebrate the union of two individuals in love.

Chaumet Plume Solitaire Chaumet Torsade de Chaumet Solitaire Chaumet Bee My Love Solitaire in 18-Carat Pink Gold

Other equally iconic collections of Chaumet include the Torsade, Frisson, Plume, “Jardins” Bee My Love and Les Eternelles collections. These collections feature a single solitaire diamond with ribbon, honeycomb and feather motifs with the Frisson collection flaunting an asymmetrical five-prong setting around the diamond that symbolises a hand on the heart.

The “Crown Your Love” Customisation Service

With a variety of styles to choose from, Chaumet’s emblematic collections set the perfect stage for their latest “Crown Your Love” customisation service. Couples can personalise their very own engagement ring by choosing their preferred style and cut from a vast choice of settings and stones, and decide on the carat size of their chosen diamond, choosing from certified diamonds weighing between 0.3 and 1.20 carats, and up to 1.7 carats for the Frisson collection.

In addition, couples get to consult the GIA certificates of the diamonds on offer, starting at 0.30 carats and adding a tenth for a precise carat weight, a service only available at Chaumet. Once chosen, couples will receive their one-of-a-kind ring that represents their entire being and love story within three to four weeks.

The Perfect Fit at Chaumet

At Chaumet, you don’t have to worry about matching your engagement ring to your wedding bands. All the rings under the Maison’s emblematic collections come with a complementary stackable wedding band, ensuring a perfect fit with whichever engagement ring design you choose. For instance, the matching Joséphine wedding band takes on the V-shape of the Aigrette while the band from the Liens collection features curves to complement the crossing ribbon motif.

Grooms looking for a simple, classic and elegant wedding band will be delighted by the selection of simple bands from the Les Eternelles collection. Featuring a variety of pavé-set, rounded or bevel-edged bands, the rings in the Les Eternelles collection are perfect complements to the rings in the other emblematic collections or great on their own.

An Unforgettable Wedding Experience at Chaumet

Chaumet also offers an array of tantalising jewellery sets for a complete wedding experience. The Joséphine, Liens and Frisson collections feature bracelets, pendant-earrings, necklaces and pendants, and sets with diamonds or coloured stones for the ladies while men have a choice of Dandy watches, perfect for couples looking for a contemporary Si Dian Jin set or simply a gift of love for their loved ones.

From one-of-a-kind engagement rings to matching wedding bands and dazzling jewellery sets, Chaumet’s wide range of services and jewellery are uniquely catered for soon-to-be-wed couples. Visit a Chaumet boutique today to experience the “Crown Your Love” customisation service for a unique engagement ring that reflects you and your love journey.

Chaumet is located at Ion Orchard and Marina Bay Sands.

Credits: All images courtesy of Chaumet.

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Crown Your Love with Chaumet’s Bridal Customisation Service For A One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Ring