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October 2022

Quiz: What’s Your Wedding Financial Personality Type?

Take our quick quiz to discover your financial personality type and how it affects your wedding budgeting as a couple.

Your wedding is probably the first major expense you’ll be footing together as a couple. You may be clueless over how to budget for it, or may even be experiencing some conflict over what and what not to spend on. You may have your heart set on the gorgeous designer wedding gown of your dreams—after all, you only get married once—while your partner insists it’s too costly to purchase for just one day. Or you may find your “groom gut” selecting all the slightly higher end choices when you’re ticking off wedding tasks, only to find that you’ve gone way over the wedding budget.

Setting and sticking to a wedding budget is a difficult task, and couples may come to blows over it because they have different mindsets about money. With different upbringings, everyone has their own view of money. Experts have identified five major financial personality types with specific traits. Finding the type that most closely matches your behaviour can help you understand your money personality.

Take our quick quiz and tally your answers to find your financial personality type. Discovering your financial personality type can help you understand your and your partner’s personal spending habits better, and help you to align your money goals not just for the wedding budget, but also for your married future.

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When making a major purchase, you tend to:

  1. Get it now! Especially if it’s the newest luxury item.
  2. Overthink and talk yourself out of it.
  3. Look for the most affordable option.
  4. Not think too much about it.
  5. Weigh the pros and cons and make sure it’s best use of your money before committing.

You’ve found the dress of your dreams. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than you had budgeted for. What do you do?

  1. Book it immediately! It’s your dream dress, after all.
  2. Put it back on the rack and look for something within your price range.
  3. Try to negotiate the price down.
  4. Get it anyway. It’s just a little more expensive; what’s the harm?
  5. Dip into the buffer fund you had set aside for moments like this.

How hard is it to stick to your wedding budget?

  1. Very hard, especially when there are so many nice things you want.
  2. Easy; in fact, you’re under budget!
  3. Not hard. You enjoy the challenge of getting the best bargains.
  4. What budget?
  5. Not too hard. You like maintaining control over your money.

Before you make a wedding purchase, you:

  1. Look for the most unique item, whatever the cost.
  2. Consult the budget to know how much to spend.
  3. Hunt down the best deals.
  4. Do what your heart tells you to.
  5. Check for cashback and points to maximise your returns.
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Results: Five Financial Personality Types

Mostly 1’s – Big Spender

Big spenders enjoy the finer things in life. They want the latest gadgets, luxury bags, brand-name fashion, and nice cars. Big spenders want only the best for their wedding day, and are comfortable spending money to make a statement with their big day, whether it’s on the five-star wedding venue or the designer wedding gown.

If you’re finding it difficult to stay within your wedding budget, consider tweaking your wedding vision and cutting back in some areas while splurging on the items most important to you. Have a partner who’s a big spender? Try gently reminding them that your wedding is only one of the many special moments you’ll share in your lifetime together.

Mostly 2’s – Saver

Savers are the opposite of big spenders, so couples with one big spender and one saver can get into serious disagreement over the wedding budget. Savers are thrifty, look for the most affordable option, rarely shop, and may stress out over money.

While it’s great to be conscious about the budget, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a few nice things when celebrating your big milestone. Instead of automatically opting for the cheapest package (or insisting your partner do so), be intentional about what’s most important to you in your wedding, and allocate more funds to those areas. Having set aside the budget for special items, you don’t need to worry that you’re spending too much.

Cindy and Tuan Hung’s Wildflower Garden Wedding at 1-Atico by Pixioo

Mostly 3’s – Shopper

If you’re a shopper, you probably always have a package en route to your house, because you get such a thrill from buying things online. Most shoppers also love a good deal, even if it’s on something they don’t need. Make the most of your bargain-hunting skills when it comes to wedding planning, and try to strike a balance between buying things you need for the wedding, and buying things just because they’re on sale.

Mostly 4’s – Debtor

Debtors have a laid-back relationship with money. They don’t need to buy the newest gadgets, and they don’t get a thrill when they shop. They simply don’t spend much time thinking about money, or about where it’s going. If you’re a debtor, your laid-back approach to money could mean you’re spending more than you meant to on your wedding. To prevent careless overspending, try creating a budget and conscientiously tracking every purchase or booking you make.

Mostly 5’s – Investor

Investors are conscious of their financial situations, and are savvy about putting their money to work. If you’re an investor, you probably already have a detailed wedding budget, are maximising credit card cashbacks and points, have set aside a buffer fund, and basically know exactly where best to spend your money for a fabulous wedding. Good job, you. Just don’t forget to enjoy the wedding planning process!

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