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March 2021

A Celebration of Love With Flowers From Liz Florals

Rustic, whimsical and romantic – that’s what you can expect from Liz Florals’s creations. We speak to her to learn more about her floral creations.

For centuries, flowers have been associated with the expression and celebration of love, and it is no wonder why as these beautiful blooms are not only pretty to look at, but also possess the ability to convey a message, set the mood and transform a space. Oh, and it also puts an instant smile on the faces of those who gaze upon it.

Founder of Liz Florals, Elizabeth, discovered how uplifting and positive flowers can be some four years ago when she delved into floral styling. Well-known for her rustic, whimsical and romantic flair, Liz is all for celebrating love with flowers. “Flowers are unique in their beauty; no two blooms or floral arrangements are the same, not even if they come from the same bunch or consist of the same blooms,” she says. “The same can be said about love – every love story is a unique experience and journey, which is why I always believe that one of the best ways to celebrate love is through flowers.”

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To help her couples convey their unique love story and bring their wedding floral dreams to life, Liz always makes sure she gets to know her couples and their wedding planning well during their meetings. Every little information on their wedding venue, outfits, moodboard, any preferences in colours or flowers used, and of course, most importantly, their budget, serves as her inspiration as she brainstorms for a design that will make their wedding vision a reality.

“Floral styling is very versatile and exciting, simply because flowers vary in colour, shade, shape and size so the creative possibilities are endless,” she explains. “So, while I encourage my couples to share their likes and dislikes with me, I also urge them to keep an open mind when it comes to the flowers that they’ll see on their wedding day.”

“It’s nearly impossible to re-create an arrangement as no two blooms are the same, even if they come from the same bunch, so I always inform my couples that they should not expect to see a replica of a design that they like from my past works or someone else’s works,” she stresses. “Instead of trying to replicate the design bloom for bloom, I will ask them to trust me to design a similar creation that will make them fall in love with flowers all over again.”

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And if you do not have any particular preference or have no idea what kind of wedding flowers you need, then it is all the more important for you to keep an open mind and let Liz guide you in finding your wedding floral style.

“For couples who have no idea what they want or need, the best way to identify their wedding floral style is to have them point out what they like or don’t like in my past creations,” she shares. “I would then take cues from there and work on a design that they would like for their wedding flowers. We also have a number of basic packages that they can choose from if they are unsure of what flowers they might need from the wedding.”

Her couples are not the only ones who need to keep an open mind when it comes to wedding flowers. As a florist, Liz also needs to keep an open mind about the flowers she uses and the designs she comes up with, so even though she works with flowers on a daily basis, she does not have a favourite bloom or colour of a flower.

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“One of my teachers at the Nobleman School of Floral Design once told me that having favourites may limit my creativity as a florist, since I might be more naturally drawn towards the blooms or colours I favour,” she reveals. “So, I refrain from having a favourite to maximise my creative ability to come up with new and exciting creations.”

With that being said, Liz also reveals that she loves working with roses, and use them a lot in her creations. “I love that roses are extremely versatile and comes in many different colours, which allows me to conjure up many different creations just by using one type of flower,” she says.

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With limitless creativity and passion, skilled hands and talent, Liz Florals promises to bring your wedding dream florals to life for celebrations of love such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

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Contact Liz Florals at [email protected] for an appointment, and view their portfolio on their website and Instagram.

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A Celebration of Love With Flowers From Liz Florals