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July 2020

8 Ways You Can Cut Down On Your Wedding Expenses

You can plan a beautiful wedding celebration on a tight wedding budget. Let us show you how!

Weddings are expensive affairs with the average celebration costing at least $30,000 and upwards depending on how big or elaborate your dream wedding is. While that may sound like you won’t be able to have your dream wedding with a tight wedding budget, let us reassure you that you totally can! All you need is a little bit of help.

There are plenty of ways to make your dream wedding come true, even with a tight wedding budget. To get you started, we’ve listed eight ways you can cut down on your wedding expenses so you can have the wedding of your dreams without busting your budget.

1. Skip the popular days/dates and marry on a weekday or during the off-peak wedding season

Elizabeth and Chong Jun’s Spontaneous Solemnisation Ceremony at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore by Caline Ng Photography

Venues are usually the most expensive during the beginning and end of the year, which is the peak wedding season, and on popular days and dates, like 2 February (02.02.2020), 8 August (08.08) or 11 November (11.11), especially if these dates fall on a weekend. Weekends are also more expensive than weekdays, so if you are looking to cut some cost on your venue, then bear in mind to avoid these times.

Wedding vendors are also busier during these times, so choosing a less popular day or date to tie the knot might cost you less as they might run promotions or offer better deals during these period. They are also less busy and that means they can focus on working on your wedding without worrying about their next project, so that’s another perk to getting married during a non-peak season!

2. Keep your guest list small

Rachel and Aaron’s Intimate and Unplugged Wedding at Maison Miaja by Andri Tei Photography

The lesser people you invite, the cheaper your banquet bill will be – it’s that simple. With a smaller guest list, you can opt for a more intimate venue and possibly save on decorations and food and beverage cost. Save the invitations for your nearest and dearest family members and friends, and you’ll minimise the risk of paying for guests who don’t turn up at the last minute.

3. Do your research diligently to find the best deals

Britney and Eugene’s Resplendent Spring Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore by Trouve

As much as you’d like to keep your wedding costs as low as possible, the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and a milestone for you and your groom. So, while you wish to save some money, don’t opt out of hiring essential wedding vendors such as stylists, photographers or videographers.

Instead, do your due diligence and research the vendors well. If you have a preferred style or vendor who is out of your price range, try to search for other vendors who have a similar style or a style that also resonates with you at a price tag that you can afford without busting your budget.

8. Enlist the help of your friends and DIY where possible

Soh Fia and Joshua’s Charming Wedding at Furama Riverfront and Chijmes Hall by Colossal Weddings

A popular way of cutting down wedding expenses amongst most couples is to DIY the wedding. While it is a great way to save money and personalise your wedding, ask yourself these questions before you ask your friends to stand in for an experienced vendor such as a wedding stylist or photographer. Is my wedding an intimate affair or a lavish celebration? Does the venue require a lot of decorations? Is the money worth saving, or would it be better to hire a professional?

If you are planning an intimate celebration at a venue that is already good looking and requires little to no additional decoration, you can consider DIY-ing the necessary d├ęcor by enlisting the help of your friends and family. However, if you are throwing a big celebration or your venue is a blank canvas, then it might be better to set aside a portion of your budget for a professional wedding stylist who can help transform the space and bring your wedding to life, and look to cutting costs in other areas.

Instead of hiring wedding cars for yourself and bridal party, assign the individuals who drive as the day’s designated drivers for the rest of the bridal party and yourself. If you have friends who speak well, are bilingual and comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd, you can consider them as hosts for your wedding instead of hiring one, as they would be in a better position to share fun or touching anecdotes about you during the celebration for a personal touch.

4. Pick flowers that are in season and readily available

Kristine and Sean’s Intimate White Wedding at Botanico at The Garage by Arture Photography

No wedding is complete without flowers and flowers can be an expensive bunch, unfortunately. They take up a big portion of the wedding budget, so do discuss with your florist on the type of floral decorations you want and the flowers you want to use to make sure that they are within your budget.

One way you can save on the cost of flowers is to stick to blooms that are in season during your wedding. Off-season flowers or blooms that need to be specially imported will be more expensive as compared to those that are readily available in the local market.

Another way of cutting cost is to re-purpose the flowers used during your wedding celebration. For example, your bridesmaids’ posies can be re-used as flowers for table centerpieces. Discuss with your florist on ways you can re-use the flowers in your wedding to cut down on the overall tab.

5. Opt for off-the-rack dresses and rent instead of buying

Claire and Darryl’s Blissful Wedding at Tamarind Hill by Dapper Pictures

Let’s admit it, as much as your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is also a one-day event. Chances are, you won’t be wearing your wedding dress after the celebration is over. So, if you are looking to tighten your budget, you should consider going for off-the-rack dresses that are available for rental instead of the more expensive option of customising or purchasing one.

If you are planning an intimate celebration at a non-formal venue, you can also consider a less formal occasion dress instead of renting a wedding gown at a bridal boutique.

6. Say “I do” with lunch instead of a dinner banquet

Cindy and Stan’s Stunning Wedding at Changi Cove Hotel’s Command House by Ivan Seah Photography

One way to cut down on your wedding costs is to host a wedding lunch instead of a dinner banquet. Lunch receptions often cost less than dinner banquets which means you can either save some money or stretch your dollar by inviting more guests to a lunch wedding. Guests are also less likely to drink alcoholic beverages during the day, allowing you to cut back on the alcohol consumed during the celebration and cut back on your expenses.

7. Bring your own booze or time the consumption of alcohol

Jacqueline and Joey’s Heartfelt Wedding at Novotel Singapore on Stevens by Natalie Wong Photography

Alcohol is another item in your wedding that can easily make your wedding expenses shoot through the roof. Try to cut down on the amount of money spent on alcohol by bringing your own bottles of wine and paying the venue a corkage fee to serve them to your guests. Do your sums properly by checking with the venue how much their beer and bottles of wine would cost and comparing that to how much you’d have to spend if you were to buy your own bottles of wine and pay them a corkage fee. In most cases, the latter would be the less costly option, even if only by just a little.

Alternatively, you can limit the consumption of alcohol to a certain timing during your wedding celebration. Instead of serving beer and wine during cocktail hour, you can instruct the venue to offer alcoholic beverages to your guests at the same time the first course of dinner is being served.

Or, you can choose to go all the way and not serve any alcoholic beverages during your celebration. It is ultimately your day and choice, and your guests will respect your decision and way of celebrating your happily-ever-after, so don’t worry about how they would react to your decision.

Feature Image from Amelia and William’s Dreamy Destination Pre-Wedding Adventure in Indonesia by Fire, Wood & Earth.

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