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March 2020

Capturing Joy And Love With Insprimo Photography

Insprimo Photography believes that to capture the most beautiful wedding photos, one needs to capture the couple’s distinct and unique personality as they celebrate their biggest day of their lives.

Spurred on by many of his friends who had told him that his wedding photos were significantly better than that of their professional wedding photographers at their weddings, Eugene founded and started Insprimo Photography. He wanted to cater to couples who want to celebrate and capture the memories and moments of the most important day of their lives. To him, these memories and moments should not be missed and should be captured and treasured through photos that the couples can look back on. That is and remains at the very heart of Eugene’s passion in photography, and in result, is the heart of Insprimo Photography too.

Starting Insprimo Photography took way more than just taking pictures at his friends’ wedding. Eugene sought to better his skills and studied Wedding Photography from great wedding photographers like Roberto Valenzuela, Caroline Tran, and many more. It was important for him to learn from the best in the field first before coming out on his own. Albeit it being a long learning journey, it was definitely worthwhile and fruitful.

What’s kept Eugene going as a wedding photographer through the years has been the challenge it brings to him. Every wedding offers a new challenge to grow in and to express his creativity and skills. “Wedding photography requires a photographer to be proficient in many different aspects of photography,” Eugene shares.

It is all about mixing the best of the various types of photography and mastering them all in the perfect balance: macro photography to capture all the little details of the couple’s big day, interior photography to shoot at all the different locations on the wedding day, portrait photography to take the couple’s special moments with their family and loved ones, and finally, street photography to always be prepared for the best, simple moments throughout the day.

“You have to know all of the above well on top of the added pressure that this special day will never happen again,” he shares. “I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Eugene is particular vested in the photojournalism and fine art portraiture style of photography. That is his personal and signature style. “I loved to do street photographer whenever I travel, and fine art portraiture seems like a perfect fit for weddings cause of the needed knowledge of light in photography,” he shares. It is this combination of the two that makes his portraits extra special with a unique blend of these two key styles.

“I also love adding a little bit of fashion flair into my style if the bride and groom are up for it!” Eugene adds.

At the end of the day, Eugene hopes to take photos that couples will treasure for a lifetime. “I want to see the joy in their eyes and smiles on their faces when they look at the photos,” he shares. “It’s a feeling I want to achieve for every couple that I serve.” It’s his client’s warm smiles and sparkles in their eyes that keep Eugene and Insprimo Photography going. This is what gives him the joy to continually do what he does.

One of his favourite and most memorable weddings that he had shot at was at Fullerton Hotel. Eugene reminisced that the entire look of the overall wedding was very impressive because of the amount of planning the couple went through. They wanted to make it look like a royal British wedding and they succeeded in doing so. Both Eugene and the couple were so happy with how the photos turned out from that day and it is this partnership between couple and photographer that makes for the best memories and photos.

For him, location is key to bring out the most emotions in the shot. Eugene often encourages his couples to choose locations that mean a lot to them like the venue of the couple’s first date, first kiss, or proposal location. The best shots are captured when the couple is at their happiest!

More than the usual shots that are a must-have for all couple shoots like the kissing shot, Eugene aspires to use the couple’s personality and chemistry to capture the best shots for them that is unique to them as a couple. With an energetic couple, Eugene strives to translate this energy and personality into their photos. On the other hand, he hopes to reflect the serenity and the mood of a couple who is more quiet and reserved through the location and scene.

“I think it’s very important not to have a standard set of photos to take because there’s no originality if you do so,” Eugene shares. “I want to take photos for couples that the couples will recognize are uniquely them.”

Having shot at many places and locations in Singapore and around the world, Eugene finds it a huge privilege to be a part of every couple’s journey and love story. He’d even once travelled to Germany for an actual day wedding shoot and his photos were featured on the local newspapers. “There is always so much to see, to learn, and to take part in when overseas,” he says. “The smiles, shouts, and expressions of joy were amazing and it was an honour to be a part of it.”

Ultimately, Eugene believes in the close connection and rapport with his couples during the shoot. For such an important and big milestone, he believes that it is very important that the couple must trust and build a good connection with their photographer because he will be the one documenting their special day. He always recommends meeting up with his clients before the wedding to see if he is a right fit for them. This right fit is what makes the wedding photography process perfect for the couple and the end result will be photos that can bring back happy memories to the couple in the years to come.

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Capturing Joy And Love With Insprimo Photography