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June 2017

Capturing Real Emotions with Blessed-i Photography

Blessed-i Photography believes in capturing real emotions and allowing the photos to tell a couple’s story.

Yeowming of Blessed-i Photography started pursuing his passion in earnest in 2010, but actually shot his first wedding at a friend’s request years earlier. Initially nervous of such a huge responsibility—“One day, one chance. If I got it wrong, that’s it!”—Yeowming obviously got things right, as more and more friends came to him to capture their celebrations. Today, the team has expanded to include Alex and Weide, with the three photographers offering different price packages and styles so couples have more options, although the essential approach to photography is the same. “We have different styles but the same approach. We try to get very candid and very natural,” says Yeowming.

Growing through warm referrals and good relationships, Blessed-i Photography expanded from actual day photography into pre-wedding photography, casual couple shoots, and even maternity and family shoots, as couples came back to celebrate other milestones. “From our actual day wedding to Aixl’s 1st year to Zyon’s newborn shoots and many family photoshoots, Yeow Ming has been our go-to man. Super duper work over the years!” shares Kelvin Lim, one of Blessed-I Photography’s many repeat clients. Couples come back for the photographers’ easy rapport and friendly manner, which make capturing special moments natural and candid. “I never thought that shooting people would be one of my fortes!” Yeowming says about couples warming up to him quickly, allowing him to capture warm and heartfelt photos even during a one- or two-hour shoot.

Celebrating couples being themselves, the photographers encourage couples to act as if the camera isn’t there, for actual day weddings as well as pre-wedding shoots. “It’s more like going out with friends, during a photoshoot session,” Yeowming describes. “We talk, laugh, joke. Of course the camera is always on standby, so along the way, if the expression is right, I’ll snap one. After a while, they’ll treat the camera as if it’s transparent!” At ease and enjoying themselves, couples forget the camera, which results in real moments and bright, natural smiles.

Casual pre-wedding photography is especially popular with their couples. “We see modern couples taking up lifestyle photos instead of formal pre-wedding packages,” they share. “They want people to see who they are, to portray what their lifestyles are like.” A recent couple opted to shoot their engagement session at a beloved dating spot—Bedok Food Centre. At shoots like these, Yeowming captures the couples’ true relationship, as they have fun and enjoy favourite foods together as if on a date.

For actual day photography, the Blessed-i photographers take a journalistic approach, faithfully but unobtrusively documenting the day’s story. “I’d follow them like a shadow and faithfully capture what I see,” says Yeowming. “The most important thing when shooting an actual day wedding is the storyline, the whole flow of the wedding itself, and capturing things that the couples themselves don’t see because they’re so occupied.” Taking care to think about the day from family and friends’ perspectives as well as the couples, the Blessed-i photographers document the celebration in its entirety, so that couples can experience everyone’s joy.

“Emotion is the key thing,” Yeowming says. “If you don’t see the emotion, then it’s just snapshots.” Their core belief keeps the photography timeless. Over the past decade of shooting weddings, the team has seen trends come and go. Instead of following colour tone trends or styles, the photographers focus on capturing emotion. “I try to take photos that 30 years later, 50 years later, still look timeless. Like this photo I took, it’s all about their happiness,” says Yeowming, pointing to a shot of a laughing couple that he took many years ago. From shooting a friend’s wedding, to today, shooting couples who come back with bigger families, Blessed-i Photography’s passion lies in capturing real emotion and letting the photos tell stories.

Contact Blessed-i Photography at [email protected] or 9178 0883 for more enquiries.

Credits: Images courtesy of Blessed-i Photography

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Capturing Real Emotions with Blessed-i Photography