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June 2020

Actual Day Wedding Package Promotion, A Special by Insprimo Photography


Date: 2020

Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Venue: Insprimo Photography

Admission: Free

Hello future married couples!

Congratulations on your Wedding! My name is Eugene from Insprimophotography and we are looking to revamp our pricing package for our actual day wedding photography as well as increasing our portfolio photos to be used for our future marketing purposes.

Insprimophotography is revamping the price package and deliverables. Singapore Brides Promotional price will be 2199 SGD (U.P 2399 SGD) for couples who are planning to take up the package for the year 2020.

This promotional price will only be valid for Singapore Brides Forum Couples and will continue to run until we have enough portfolios for our revamped website


To be eligible for this promotion, you need to agree with the following

What is included in the package

Thank you for reading and I sincerely look forward to being your wedding photographer on your special day!

You can reach me at the following
Whatsapp: +6597972774
Email: [email protected]
Website: Insprimophotography

P.S This package price will not be advertised openly on my website as it is a Singapore Brides Promotion special. If you are searching for your friend, please share with them this post link instead

P.S.S Insprimo Photography has the sole and absolute discretion to edit, change or terminate this promotion as and when necessary.

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By: Insprimo Photography

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