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February 2020

20 Singaporean Millennials Share their Dream Proposals

Guys, this one’s for you! If you’ve been scratching your head about how to get your girls to say yes, (and no, applying for a BTO together does not count), you’re going to love these dream proposal ideas!

Millennials can seem hard to please and some of us may even be diagnosed with “Princess Syndrome”. However, we asked 20 Singaporean millennials about their dream proposals and their answers prove that not all of us want that humongous Di-amond.

From lofty proposal #goals on snow-capped mountains to simple ones along the Singapore River, some of these millennials could secretly be K-drama script writers.

The Treasure Hunt Proposal

“I’d plan my proposal Sherlock-style: I’ll first ask to meet at her place but I won’t show up. Instead, I’ll tell her family to drop her an envelope with her favourite perfume on the table. The envelope will include a reference to a place (location A) that means something to the both of us.”

“At location A, a stranger will pass her a letter with my thoughts that I’d penned down on the day that memory was made. It’ll probably be about something that I liked/learned about her along with a small gift. On the other side of that letter will be the next clue for location B and so on—each place with a different memory and an object that means something to us. While she treasure-hunts, I’ll decorate her place cathedral-style with the help of her family.”

“When she’s back home, her family will be hidden somewhere and I’ll let her be stunned for a while before I pop the question. I’ll give a sappy speech then do the standard get-on-one-knee nonsense. She’ll say yes, her family will appear and we’ll celebrate together with a ton of food.”

– Zonsean, 22

Hashy Yusof and Marc Than’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot and Inspiring Story of Overcoming Paralysis by Chris Ling Photography

The Musical Proposal

“For my dream proposal, the guy would sing a song for me that he’d composed himself. He’d play the guitar and serenade me on a quiet grass patch near the beach where we’d gaze at the non-existent Singapore stars. Plus points if he has a deep voice or sounds like JJ Lin, but not JJ Lin himself—he’s way too old.”

– Stella, 19

“I’ll probably propose during a concert. I think 1975 is a proposal-worthy band… probably when the song ‘Robbers’ is being played. ‘Cause she’d have stolen my heart (get it).”

– Sid, 21

The Poetic Proposal

“I’d write a story about her and give it to her. If she doesn’t get the idea by the end of the story then we won’t get married. I might even hide the ring in the book’s secret compartment.”

– Adriel, 21

“I learnt in Literature class that the great romantic poets like W. B. Yeats immortalised their lovers through their poetry. Even when their lovers lost their youth and beauty, the essence of their prime was captured by the poem, which was enough.” “This is why my dream proposal would be a poem written by my significant other, immortalising me forever.”

– Nadine, 23

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The Disneyland Proposal

“It’s night time in Disneyland and all their lights are out. The parade is going by and the fireworks are about to explode in full force. We’re sitting somewhere away from the crowd, stuffing our faces with food. I find the ring in a tub of popcorn and he asks me if I’d like to chill with him for the rest of our lives—if I don’t eat the ring first.”

– Kat, 24

“This is how I’ve made it up in my head: My boyfriend will have all the Disney characters dance for me and he’ll be right in the middle, singing and dancing with them. At the end of the song, he’ll get down on one knee and ask me, “Will you be my wife, my princess?” #goals”

– Gladys, 19

“My dream proposal would be at Disneyland in front of the huge castle. If my husband-to-be were loaded, then why not throw in a flash mob too! He should’ve also asked my friends to hint for me to do my hair and nails—I’d be so sad if I ended up with chipped nails and messy hair. Especially if pictures of the night will be used in my wedding videos!”

– Tammy, 19

The Practical Proposal

“My ideal proposal would be something that’s based on both of our common experiences. It could be in the form of a scrapbook or an amazing race consisting of all the places we’ve been to. But strictly NO elaborate public proposals. I don’t want money to be wasted on 100 roses or a flash mob. I’d rather we save money for the BTO and for our future babies.”

– Huizhi, 19

“When I was younger, I pictured a fancy restaurant meal followed by a romantic walk along the beach and fireworks—the whole lot. But as I grew older, I realised that it’s not about how the proposal is carried out, but by whom. I just hope that the right one will come by one day.”

– Angela, 22

Verlynn and Jason’s Sweet Surprise Proposal in Nami Island by Love Confetti Stills & Motion

The Destination Proposal

“I want my proposal to be really private, while we’re both on a holiday somewhere in Europe or South Africa. As for the ring, something simple is fine but if it’s from Tiffany’s, I’d gladly accept it.”

– Leah, 23

“My ideal proposal would be under a star-studded sky in a foreign country. I don’t want a ring with a huge diamond. Contrary to popular belief, there must be nobody witnessing the event or filming it—just a direct and sincere proposal.”

– Yoo Jin, 19

“I’d want to be alone with my partner overseas so there won’t be any pressure from onlookers. There’s no need for anything fancy and I’d prefer the ring to be something sentimental to the both of us. I think a proposal at the countryside could be romantic.”

– Shiying, 19

“I’ve always been quite free-spirited, and I love travelling. So ideally, my partner should share the same adventurous, wanderlust-y bone. It could just be the two of us, far away, on some helicopter flying to some snow-peaked mountain. I don’t want a big expensive ring, as I might lose it or mistreat it. I don’t want a fancy dinner either—why would I want a food baby when I’m being proposed to?”

– Felise, 22

Sherlyn and Deyao’s Bali Pre-Wedding Shoot with Z Wedding by Pixioo Photography

The Park Proposal

On a day when the weather is just right, we’d be cycling at the park we went to for our first official date as a couple. He’d have a bouquet of cotton flowers accompanied by eucalyptus leaves, a homemade chocolate ganache cake (that doesn’t have the ring hidden in it) and one of my favourite books (maybe Wuthering Heights) in his hand. It may be a quiet proposal but it may not be practical because how is he going to carry the flowers, cake, and book, and still cycle there with me?”

– Lynn, 23

The Fairytale Proposal

“I want the proposal to happen somewhere outside, where there are trees decorated with fairy lights. It’ll be so magical. Oh my lord, I love fairy lights!”

– Germaine, 19

“When I was younger, Cinderella was my favourite Disney princess. I made my dad read me her story over and over again until I’d memorised it. I even dressed up as Cinderella for my sixth birthday party! So naturally, I find the idea of being proposed to with a glass slipper really fascinating—even better if it’s made out of diamonds!”

– Naeha, 19

Shirlyn and Ricky’s Enchanted Garden Wedding with a Coloured Wedding Dress by 39 East Photography

The Racetrack Proposal

This is probably the best way any car enthusiast could propose to his/her partner—in the car while riding on the racetrack together. Considering how car enthusiasts spend loads of time and money on their ride, it just seems like the best place to propose. “Would you be my co-driver for the rest of my life?”—so perfect.”

– Gordan, 23

The Puzzle Proposal

“My family used to solve 1,000-piece puzzles together as a family activity when I was younger, so any girl I propose to would know the significance of puzzles to me. When I’m ready to propose, I’d make a custom jigsaw puzzle with a picture of us together with the words, “Marry me?” on it. Maybe I’ll even drop a cheesy line about how she’s ‘my missing piece.”

– Naddy, 25

The Classic Proposal

“I really want to be proposed to along the Singapore River, just outside the Asian Civilisations Museum. I think it’s such a romantic place to pop the question. So this is how I’ve imagined it: It’s day time and we’ve just had lunch. The both of us are walking along the river together, with the boats around us. Suddenly, as I’m walking, I realise he’s no longer next to me. I turn around to find him on one knee, ready to propose.” “I know it’s not very fancy, but this image keeps popping up in my head. *Internal screaming* When will my time come?”

– Iman, 19

Proposal Ideas in Singapore

Big gestures may be nice, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to show you love someone. At the end of the day, what matters most isn’t how the proposal is done but whom it’s done by.

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20 Singaporean Millennials Share their Dream Proposals