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October 2017

Verlynn and Jason’s Sweet Surprise Proposal in Nami Island

Verlynn received the surprise of her life during a holiday to Seoul, South Korea with then-boyfriend-now-fiancé, Jason.

Verlynn Tan and fiancé Jason Goh met through Facebook and what started out as an online friendship blossomed into a beautiful love story between these young sweethearts. Smitten with her down-to-earth personality and the joy he feels when he is with her, Jason planned for a surprise proposal at one of South Korea’s most romantic spots on Nami Island, and even engaged Samantha from Love Confetti Stills & Motion to capture that precious moment and organised a casual, impromptu engagement shoot to immortalise the day.

How did the two of you meet?

Jason: I was browsing through my list of “suggested friends” on Facebook and noticed Verlynn. We started having frequent conversations shortly after I added her as a friend. Since then, we hit it off beautifully.

What drew you to each other? What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Jason: It would be the fun and laughter we have even during the seemingly ordinary moments and the most mundane of days. I will be telling lame jokes and she will always be enjoying them. She is down-to-earth and it is this personality of hers which I love the most.

Verlynn: Jason is a caring man, sometimes just like a babysitter to me. He cares about my well-being and makes sure my daily needs are met and well taken care of. He is basically someone who will be there 24/7 for you. Being a family-oriented man, he dedicates most of his free time to his family and loved ones. He is sensitive and pays attention to my emotional needs, always making an effort to crack a joke and cheer me up whenever I am feeling down. I am truly in love with everything about him.

Jason, share with us how you planned for the surprise proposal.

My initial plan for the proposal was for it to be on her birthday in 2016 during one of our staycations. However, after giving it some thought, I felt it might be too common to propose during a staycation (e.g room decoration and rose petals on the bed to form the question “Will you marry me?”). Therefore, I did not stick with my initial plan and went ahead with an overseas proposal instead, which I believe will be a more memorable moment and experience for a lady.

Prior to her birthday, we had booked a holiday to Seoul. I did my research on Youtube to get some ideas regarding the surprise proposal. I remembered watching a video where a man proposed to his girlfriend at N Seoul Tower. He prepared a video for her before he knelt down and proposed to her. That was where I got my idea came from.

How did you execute your plan?

Jason: I picked Nami Island as the proposal venue because it was a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery. It was also the filming location for the extremely popular Korean drama Winter Sonata. For my plan to work, I prepared a video showcasing how our relationship grew from two strangers to partners for a lifetime and met up with Samantha in secret for days prior to the proposal day to coordinate our plans.

On the morning of the proposal, I started to fake an upset stomach so I have an excuse to sneak away whenever I had to leave. I arranged to meet Samantha at a specific location on Nami Island and after spotting her, I led Verlynn to a quieter spot as Sam followed at a distance and soon left Verlynn by herself using the excuse of an upset stomach while I met up with Sam. With the help of three helpful tourists, we managed to get my video to Verlynn. Just before the video ended, I returned to Verlynn with a bouquet and ring, went down on one knee and popped the question. And she said “Of course!” instead of “I do!”.

Verlynn, did you suspect that Jason was planning a surprise proposal?

Yes, I did suspect that Jason was going to propose on the Korea trip. He had asked my mother for permission before we left for Seoul and she was asked to keep it as a secret. I knew the proposal would somehow be during our trip but you will never want to get your expectations too high so I told myself to just enjoy the trip. I didn’t expect that he would propose at Nami Island though, since I have never watched Winter Sonata and am not aware that Nami Island is known for being a romantic spot for lovers.

Walk us through the mini post-proposal shoot you did with Love Confetti Stills & Motion. How were you feeling and what was your experience like?

Knowing that we were in good hands as we trust Samantha’s photography skill and professionalism, we felt comfortable to just be ourselves and fully indulge in the moment of joy and happiness. She made the experience really enjoyable, always providing her suggestions and recommendations in order to capture the beautiful moments which will become our most precious memories in years to come.

What was the most memorable moment of that day?

Jason: I would say that it would be when the “OF COURSE” came out of her. To me, it meant that she is definitely most willing to marry me.

Verlynn: The most memorable moment was when he made his proposal speech and shed the tears of joy.

The Venue: Nami Island and Seoul, South Korea
The Photographer: Love Confetti Stills & Motion
The Engagement Ring: Love & Co.

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Verlynn and Jason’s Sweet Surprise Proposal in Nami Island