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February 2020

5 Solutions to Wedding Ang Bao Stress

Go cashless at your wedding and take all the stress out of wedding ang baos with DBS’ QR Gift and eGift!

Finances are undoubtedly one of the most stressful aspects of a wedding. After painstakingly saving up to afford a wedding, and keeping your gowns, photography, and venue under budget, couples still have to worry about collecting and giving wedding ang baos. How many groomsmen do you need to guard the wedding ang bao box? Who will count the gifts collected? When will you have time to withdraw money and pack ang baos for your helpers and vendors?

And it’s not just couples who have to stress about wedding ang baos either. From guests who wish to go cashless while blessing the newlyweds, to bridesmaids who want to avoid the hassle of manually tracking who gave which ang bao, DBS has solutions to your wedding ang bao worries.

1.For the Couple Who Wants to Go Green

Now you can reduce paper wastage by sending digital ang baos through DBS’ eGift. eGift, previously known as eAng Baos, can be sent through DBS PayLah! to anyone who is registered on PayLah! or PayNow. You can express your heartfelt gratitude to your helpers and wedding vendors with your eGift by adding a fun, personalised message. You can also ask your wedding guests to help cut down on paper wastage by gifting their wedding ang baos through eGift. Last year, DBS collected more than 5 tonnes of red packets for recycling. If all DBS customers reduced their cash withdrawal by just 1%, the estimated total carbon emissions saved would be equivalent to 600 trees! Get your wedding guests to join in saving the environment!

2.For the Groomsman Who Worries about Guarding the Ang Bao Box

Have your groomsmen been working out extra hard at the gym in preparation for security detail at your wedding banquet? Let them off the hook of guarding your wedding ang bao box by asking guests to go cashless with eGift or QR Gift. For those who prefer the traditional practice of gifting something physical but want to go cashless, DBS offers the QR Gift, which is a card you scan to load the gift amount, and the recipient scans to redeem the value. eGift and QR Gift can be received by PayNow users registered with other banks. To send funds, all your guests need is your mobile number. The QR Gift is made of environmentally-friendly, FSC-certified paper, and is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to gifting traditional red packets.

With DBS’ eGift, your groomsmen won’t need to stress about the security of your ang bao box, and you won’t have to worry about carrying around large sums of cash late at night after your wedding dinner. You can let loose with celebratory toasts instead!

3.For the Bridesmaid Who Can’t Handle Tracking Ang Baos

“Uncle, please write your name on your ang bao first.” No longer will your bridesmaid helping you at reception have to awkwardly request for guests to sign their names on their wedding ang baos. Nor will they have to scramble for the lone working pen when all of your relatives arrive at the reception table at once. Make life easier for your wedding helpers by telling guests about eGift and QR Gift in advance, so that amounts are automatically tracked in your app when you receive the blessings given by your guests. No more mix-ups or illegible scrawls so you can properly thank each giver!

4.For the Guest Who Can’t Make It to the Wedding but Wants to Send a Blessing

Guests who can’t attend your celebrations but still want to give you a blessing can conveniently send you an ang bao with DBS PayLah! eGift. If they prefer a more physical expression of their blessing, they can safely entrust a friend with a QR Gift.

Your guest will also be able to track when their recipient has redeemed the Gift on their Dashboard. On your PayLah! Dashboard, you’ll be able to see the giver’s PayLah! nickname on the QR Gift, so you’ll know exactly who gave it to you. If the QR Gift is misplaced, guests can cancel the amount loaded and have the money refunded to them.

5. For the Couple Who Wants More Rewards with their Wedding Spending

Holding your celebrations at Fairmont Singapore, Swissotel the Stamford, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, or Regent Singapore between 1 May and 1 September 2020? Encourage your wedding guests to go cashless with DBS QR Gift and enjoy a free night’s stay at your hotel!

Simply be one of the first 100 couples to register for the programme by 30 April 2020, and DBS will send the QR Gift cards to you. Win a free night’s stay at your wedding hotel if more than 10% of your wedding guests use QR Gift cards. Find out more about the programme at

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5 Solutions to Wedding Ang Bao Stress