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May 2017

A Tale of Our Happiness, Love and Wedding

For many couples, a wedding photographer is an essential but a wedding videographer is optional. Here’s why that school of thought is so wrong.

Many couples are of the opinion that a wedding videographer is not necessary for their wedding when they have already engaged a photographer to document their big day. And with everyone being so adept at using their digital cameras and smart phones, if they really wanted a video of their wedding, they could always ask a friend or family member to record it. A chat with professional videographer Chee Kin, founder of LMP Production reveals what’s wrong with that mindset.

“A wedding video is not just a chronological footage of the day’s happenings from start to end. A wedding video should tell a story – the story of the newlyweds and the celebration of their union, love and families,” he explains. “And it takes a trained eye to capture the important moments of that day and a skilled professional to piece the footage together into one coherent tale of the couple’s big day.”

Like your wedding photographs, a video of your big day is the best way to relive that joyous occasion and remember every heart-warming moment by. Don’t compromise on the quality and value of your wedding video by hiring a non-professional or setting aside too little budget for it. “You cannot repeat the day, so don’t scrimp on your selection of and budget for a videographer,” Chee Kin advises. “If your preferred videographer is beyond your budget, resist the urge to settle for another whose style you don’t really fancy but meets your budget, or worse, ask a relative or friend to do it for you.”

“Instead, try to see if you can cut back on other areas of your wedding budget to accommodate your choice,” Chee Kin suggests. “Trust me. You won’t regret your decision when you see the finished product.”

It all started six years ago when Chee Kin was asked to cover a friend’s wedding. There and then, the former engineer with an avid interest in video production fell in love with weddings. “I discovered a fondness for the beautiful emotions and touching human interactions invoked by a wedding and I haven’t been able to look back since.” Ever since then, he has devoted himself to being a storyteller, immortalising these heart-warming moments into actual day wedding and same-day edit videos, and Love Story and stop-motion childhood montage videos.

Laid-back, sincere and approachable, Chee Kin has no problems bonding and befriending his couples. He takes the time to know them as individuals, listening to their story as he would for a friend. “I love getting to know them and their story,” he shares. “It allows me to pick up on pivotal information about their personalities and story, which I can then incorporate into their video, which is especially important for a Love Story video where you really get to know the couple’s journey from courtship to marriage.”

And it is this interaction with his couples that allows him to be a great storyteller. “It’s really important for me to relate to my couples, and for them to connect with me,” Chee Kin stresses. “The more they share their story and what kind of photos or videos they like, the better a grasp I have of their personalities and preferences. It is also reassuring for them to know that I’m paying close attention and with them 100% of the way.”

But what truly sets LMP Production aside from the other videographers is their flexible yet trademark videography style. While Chee Kin tries not to restrict himself to a set videography style, LMP Production’s videos often exude a fun, easy-going, sincere and natural slant, quite like the vibe of most weddings in Singapore.

“In Singapore, weddings are often a good mixture of boisterous fun and sentiment,” he explains. “So to ensure that none of that is lost through our storytelling, we adopt a fun but sincere approach as our modus-operandi, from the way we shoot right down to the selection of music.”

If that sounds like how you would want the story of your love and wedding to be told, then LMP Production is your go-to videographer.

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A Tale of Our Happiness, Love and Wedding