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October 2012

Every Little Moment

All the hard work and stress endured during the last year felt more than worth it when your wedding day turned out nothing short of perfect. And you know your wedding photos will look nothing less than fabulous because you’ve hired the best professional photographer you could afford to cover the day’s events. But what about a videographer to record the day’s happenings so you can watch your wedding day play out over and over again?

No wedding is complete without having a photographer and a videographer on scene to immortalise the happiest day of your life. Yes, having both is necessary if you want nothing but beautifully-taken photographs and a professionally-taken video of your wedding day. There will be some moments that won’t translate nicely into photographs or that the photographer has missed out on. And given the amount of money, effort and obsession you’ve put into the wedding, surely you’d want every millisecond of your wedding to be either photographed or recorded.

So don’t cut corners by taking up a good intentioned relative or friend’s offer to video the day’s happenings with their compact camera and throw all your money into a photographer. Your wedding day is unlikely to repeat itself, so turn to a professional videographer for guaranteed quality videos to avoid any disappointments or regrets – the same reasons why you decided to hire a professional photographer in the first place.

Meet Alvin, the founder of IrisWave. IrisWave is the product of Alvin’s passion for video production. Although Alvin has experience in corporate and event videography, he chose to pursue wedding videography out of his desire to preserve the memories of the day for newlyweds and to celebrate the institution of marriage. “I enjoy filming weddings simply because of its happy atmosphere, fast-paced events and the challenges of producing a good wedding video,” Alvin reveals.

Alvin is by no means a newbie in the wedding videography industry. With almost a decade’s experience and an impressive accolade of awards under his belt, you can put to rest any worries about the quality and professionalism of his videos. And if you’re looking for a classic and elegant yet modern and dynamic style, Iriswave is a perfect match for you. “My aim is to produce a video that is visually entertaining and tells the story of the couple’s big day,” Alvin says.

Even though he has won 9 international awards in videography since early last year, Alvin remains rooted and has no intentions of being complacent. He constantly strives to improve himself and his works by benchmarking himself against other videographers around the world. He also looks to their works for inspiration and approaches friends in the industry and his couples for suggestions on videography or how to improve his works.

Despite the awards and experience, you’ll not detect any hint of ego from Alvin – the man is as rooted as a tree. “I’ve yet to achieve the highlight of my career. In fact, I believe in never being too contented with my current achievements and always aiming for continuous improvements in my work.” You don’t have to worry about any conflict between your chosen photographer and Alvin either – he can work with any professional photographer, even if they are from different companies.

And we can’t think of a videographer who is a better match and in a better position than Alvin. As both the wedding videographer and a newlywed (he is also getting married next year!) himself, who better to understand what his couples expect and to advise them on weddings and wedding videography than Alvin himself? And his number one advice to his couples? “Always look for vendors whom you are comfortable and can communicate with,” Alvin strongly recommends.

With such a grounded personality and an impressive number of credentials to his name, we dare you to find another videographer who is as professional, easy-going and experienced as Alvin from IrisWave.

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Every Little Moment