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July 2013

A Record of Your Wedding

As a rule, brides should always engage a professional to commemorate her big day, be it a photographer or videographer. Why? Simply because there are no second takes for your wedding day and the last thing you’d want is to be stuck with poorly taken photographs and videos of the most important day of your life. Moreover, these recordings will be the only physical keepsakes you’ll take away from your big day. Surely you’d want to entrust this important task of immortalising your wedding celebration to a professional like Unique-Colours Creative Media.


Founded in 2007, Unique-Colours Creative Media was created with only one goal in mind – to produce the most modern, professional and creative wedding videos and photographs. Adrian Oh’s, founder and principal videographer of Unique-Colours Creative Media, first venture as a wedding videographer started with a friend’s recommendation. A year later, he decided to pursue his passion as a full-time wedding videographer. “The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment my team and I experience when we witness the joy our work bring to the couple and their guests is what motivates us,” Adrian says. “The day’s hard work is all worth it when we receive their gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful work that we’ve done for the celebration.”

What sets Unique-Colours Creative Media apart from other wedding videographers is their creative and bold use of technology in their videography approach. Adrian and his team are extremely imaginative and clever in the use of various technologies to produce uniquely creative wedding videos for their couples. “We never allow ourselves to use technology as a crutch,” Adrian stresses. “Our main priority has always been to produce creative wedding videos and technology will only be used to aid – not hinder – us in our endeavor.” Indeed, Unique-Colours Creative Media is well stocked with the most advanced HD video equipment to fulfill any type of videography style, be it a Gangnam inspired actual day video, an underwater pre-wedding video or using aerial videography.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the terminology, aerial videography refers to the filming of the ground from an elevated position. It offers a unique vantage point of view as compared to filming whilst on the ground. As one of the first wedding videographers to employ the technique of aerial videography in the production of wedding videos, Unique-Colours Creative Media has successfully discovered a way to utilise remote-controlled helicopters to churn out visually stunning aerial footages that can be included in their wedding videos. “I myself included aerial videography in my own wedding video,” Adrian reveals. “Not only does it produce a unique wedding video, it is also a great way to treat your guests to a breathtaking aerial view of your filming location and take them on an amazing journey as they watch the video.”

Besides having years of experience conceptualising and commemorating weddings into videos, Adrian is also a member of the WPJA Wedding PhotoJournalist Association, AGWPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalism, WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and the WEVA Wedding & Event Videographers Association International. With various international multi-award winning productions under his belt, it is clear than Unique-Colours Creative Media is a professional you can trust to do an excellent job of immortalising your wedding day in a never-done-before manner.

Contact Unique-Colours Creative Media at [email protected] or call +65 9144 4537 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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A Record of Your Wedding