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November 2015

I’m Yours – A Dreamy Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot You Will Love

Thinking of surprising your groom with a special for-his-eyes-only gift on your wedding day? Get inspired by this beautiful set of bridal boudoir photos by AndroidsinBoots, shot in the stunning Rose Marie Suite at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.

Bridal boudoir has been a big wedding trend lately, especially overseas. This type of intimate photography captures sultry moments for the groom’s eyes only, and makes a beautiful, romantic gift from a bride to her husband-to-be on the morning of their wedding. Whether the private photos feature soft daylight and delicate white lace, or a more risqué and sexy mood with burlesque feathers and racy corsets, a bridal boudoir session allows a bride to express her passionate side with the confidence provided by professional photography.

To inspire those of you who are thinking about surprising your men with a romantic set of personal photos, we’re delighted to share a beautiful bridal boudoir shoot produced by wedding photographers AndroidsinBoots.

The shoot was set in the luxurious Rose Marie Suite at Goodwood Park Hotel, where the gracefully fluted columns and intricate wall etchings created a glamorous and romantic mood for the bridal boudoir session. With its intricately carved furnishings and sophisticated décor, the spacious suite offers a luxuriously private and comfortable venue to help a bride feel beautifully herself during her intimate photography session.

For their session of bridal boudoir, Singapore-based AndroidsinBoots used pure and gentle light, delicate lace, and fresh botannicals. This intimate set is like a bride whispering into her groom’s ear on the morning of their wedding, “I’m yours.” Besides using lace lingerie to create a romantic mood during the boudoir session, the team also managed create a sense of vulnerability and softness with the play of light and shadow on the model’s wedding gown, showing brides that the feeling of intimacy captured in bridal boudoir isn’t limited to sultry lingerie.

Read on for gorgeous images to inspire your own bridal boudoir session, and find out more about the inspiration behind this shoot.

Tell us how this bridal boudoir shoot came about.

AndroidsinBoots: In Singapore, the idea of boudoir is basically quite unheard of because Singaporeans are generally more conservative. As such, we do not have a culture of shooting a short boudoir session before a wedding as compared to people from Australia, Europe, etc. Therefore, we thought it would be interesting to produce a shoot revolving around this idea, and hopefully introduce this idea to Singaporeans. To make it more relatable, we decided on an Asian model–in this case, Aka from Korea.

We went for something romantic and sensual, but in a way that Singaporeans can still be comfortable with.

We kept the team small as it is something very intimate. We also tried to get female vendors so the model would feel at ease.

Do you have any advice for brides who would like to do a boudoir shoot? How can they feel more comfortable in front of the camera?

AndroidsinBoots: The most important thing is being comfortable in your own skin. You should also meet the photographer prior the session to get to know him/her better. Talk about what you want, the feel and the mood, as well as anything you’d like to focus on.

Boudoir is about preserving woman’s beauty and confidence. Many people think lingerie when boudoir is mentioned but really, it isn’t necessary. It can be as subtle as each individual is comfortable with.

Thanks, AndroidsinBoots, for sharing this beautiful bridal boudoir session!

The Vendors

Organiser and Publisher: SingaporeBrides
Photography: AndroidsinBoots (Still + Motion)
Venue: Rose Marie Suite at Goodwood Park Hotel
Gown: Ines di Santo from The Proposal Bridal
Lace robes: Olive Suite
Lingerie: Perk by Kate
Flowers: Fiona Treadwell
Accessories: Annielka
Makeup: Aileen Bak

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I’m Yours – A Dreamy Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot You Will Love