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August 2016

Which Pokémon Go Bride Are You?

Fairy Tale Girl or Dragon Tamer, which is your destiny? Take the quiz to find out which Pokémon Go medal should be awarded for your wedding style!

Choose any of the five options from the six questions below that best describes you:

1. Where would you go to hunt for Pokémon?

A. Places that are scenic and pretty, like the Gazebo in the Botanical Gardens.
B. I hate crowds. I’d go to that hidden café in a large building where I know there’s a Pokéstop.
C. I might stop to catch a Pokémon or 20 while I’m hanging out at the museum.
D. Anywhere with a beach, especially Sentosa! The smell of the ocean adds to the adventure.
E. Just at the park where I walk my dogs. Seven times a day.

2. What’s your favourite attack move at the gym?

A. Sing
B. Sludge bomb
C. Dragon rage
D. Hydro pump
E. Vine whip

3. What’s your favourite part about Pokémon Go?

A. Looking at my adorable Pokémon pets! Especially when they make cute faces.
B. Watching my gym opponents from the corner of my eye as they bow to my power.
C. The thrill when I find rare and classic Pokémon to add to my collection.
D. Going on hunting adventures with my fellow trainers.
E. Healing my Pokémon after a well-fought battle. I love you too, Pokémon!

4. Which Pokémon do you choose?

which pokemon do you choose

5. Which character trait would you choose for your favourite Pokémon?

A. Innocent
B. Stubborn
C. Serious
D. Relaxed
E. Gentle

6. Which Pokémon Go team did you pick?

A. I picked whichever my boyfriend or friends picked!
B. I picked the leader with the funkiest outfit.
C. Team Valor, because red.
D. I went with the flow and chose Team Mystic.
E. Something made me choose Team Instinct.


Pokémon Go Quiz Results

pokemon go quiz fairytale girl medal 2

Your bubbly personality makes friends wherever you go, and your infectious joy brings life to any party. Your sweet nature and tender heart are easily moved by romantic gestures. Let your prince sweep you off your feet with a wedding out of a fairy tale, and write your own tale of romance.

pokemon go fairy tale girl Disney Dreams by Eyedeas Photography pokemon go quiz punk girl medal

You have a mind of your own, and you’re never afraid to break the rules and walk your own path. People might misunderstand you, but your closest friends know that inside, you’re a sensitive and creative soul. Your wedding might be crazy or unorthodox, but it won’t be run-of-the-mill, that’s for sure.

Pokemon Go quiz punk girl Joy and Ben’s Steampunk Wedding on Nikoi Island by Daniel Beh Photography pokemon go quiz dragon tamer medal 2

You’re a rare one. You have exquisite taste, and you appreciate the finer things in life. You seek out beauty, loving nothing better than a rare art exhibition. Not one to succumb to fads and trends, you are passionate about your beliefs. Steep your wedding in cultural mythology by celebrating the ancient dance of the dragon and the phoenix.

The White Rabbit wedding Amanda and Dennis Naiise 24 Amanda and Dennis’ Elegant Wedding at The White Rabbit by Valentine Ross Photography pokemon go quiz swimmer medal

You are cool and collected, and a deeply intelligent individual. Always believing that things will work out for good, you go with the flow and are always up for an adventure. Your free-spirited, easy-going nature wants nothing more than a fun wedding day with the people you love. Go for a beach wedding where everyone can soak up the ocean’s beauty and bask in your love.

Alex and Hyedy Weddings in Pictures: Gorgeous Tropical Island Wedding by Tinydot Photography pokemon go quiz gardener medal 2

You are very compassionate, and deeply intuitive about other people. Your warm and caring personality makes you a great friend, as well as a champion for animal rights and nature conservation. When you get married, your wedding will reflect your natural personality and your warm heart by giving back to society.

pokemon go gardener Jocelyn and Marcus’ Succulent Garden Wedding by Click! Photography, styled by Stitch X Marker Styling Studio

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