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March 2014

Disney Dreams

Stephanie Teo, 25, Researcher and Selwyn Koh, 27, Radio Producer-Presenter were both very certain that they didn’t just want a fairytale wedding–they wanted a Disney fairytale wedding. Together with meticulous wedding planners, they created a day filled with castles and carriages, set to their beloved music scores of the magical kingdom on 14 December 2013.

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How did the two of you meet?

Stephanie: We are both musicians (Selwyn plays the violin and I play the flute). We met at a mutual friend’s wedding where we were part of a small musical ensemble. Our first encounter of each other wasn’t too positive, as I got reprimanded by him for being half a beat late in front of everyone else. As I was the only flute player, the late note did kind of stick out like a sore thumb, but I was very embarrassed to have been singled out by him for the mistake in front of everyone else.

We bonded over 3 main aspects which really hold us strongly together. The 3 things are cats, Disney and classical music. We are big time cat lovers (I have 4 cats and he has 1) and we really wanted to make them a part of our wedding day. However, the cats being scared of strangers, they only managed to make a few cameo appearances on our actual wedding day. So happy to have seen them captured in the express highlights. Secondly, we are huge fans of Disney, which is the reason for our theme! We love Disney music, especially songs composed by Alan Menken, and we love all things Disney. Thirdly, both of us are classically trained musicians, hence we like to attend classical concerts together (such as orchestral performances, musicals or ballets). When we were in Vienna for his work trip, we attended a concert nearly every day.

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Did the proposal involve any of your three shared loves?

Stephanie: The proposal took place at Equinox in Swissotel the Stamford. Selwyn is not a surprise person, hence my ring wasn’t a surprise as I designed it myself. He’s the kind who prefers me to have something I like with no surprise compared to a surprise I totally don’t fancy. So, the ring was no surprise, but what was planned was a surprise. Being a radio producer, he had this brainwave to put together a proposal “trailer” like how radio trailers are formatted. That was totally awesome and I know that only he could have pulled this off.

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Tell us about your wedding preparations.

Stephanie: My husband and I are very against mainstream stuff. Especially since he performs for many many weddings, we really didn’t want to be mainstream and just have another Singaporean Chinese wedding dinner. I love unique and personalised touches, and I am a very detailed person, hence I spent nearly 1.5 to 2 years just planning all the teeny details for the wedding. We spent a lot of time planning our wedding music as well.

I’ve always loved reading the real weddings features and picking up other great tips from the articles written on SingaporeBrides. We also shortlisted our banquet venue choices based on the concise info on the SGBrides website.

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What was your wedding theme?

Our wedding theme was Disney. Most people like to go for fairytale, which is pretty generic, but we decided on Disney which is unique and very specific. I designed a wedding gown along the lines of Enchanted and Snow White, and created a Cinderella-inspired evening gown. I requested for the castle backdrop which is a wooden stage backdrop provided by my event stylist from Le FairyMeadow. I requested for the carriage from my event stylist as well. It then became the photo prop which everyone wanted to take photos of/with. I felt like a true Disney princess when I was standing in front of the carriage because everyone wanted to take photos with me and the carriage. Dream come true! I had 28 tables, so I named each table after a different Disney movie. My angpow box was a 3D paper model of Cinderella’s castle put together from scratch by my wonderful event stylist. For the music, we used orchestral versions of Disney arrangements instead of the vocal versions.

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Was it difficult to pull off the Disney theme?

We would like to specially recommend Le FairyMeadow for their very detailed and exquisite event styling services. Never regretted hiring Zyn and she was the one who truly helped to bring out the Disney in our wedding. Also, we would definitely recommend our wedding planners from The Moment Wedding Planner for being detailed, patient, hardworking, as well as affordable. They made our lives a whole lot easier and they too helped us to orchestrate our dream Disney wedding with the many tiny details that we couldn’t have coped with on our own.

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What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

Some called it a magical experience; others said it was the wedding of the year! We had one relative who said it was the most magnificent wedding she had ever attended in her life.

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Were there any moments that were particularly special to you?

Both our dinner march-ins were very special and memorable to us. For the first march-in, we lined up our bridal entourage along the aisle and had them pop confetti cannons at specific times in the music. The confetti cannons and the choice of music made it both grand and magical at the same time. For the second march in, we walked in from different doors playing our instruments, then joined hands in the middle and walked in at the chorus. It was also a great privilege to have the Muttons from 987FM host our wedding as emcees. They definitely lightened the atmosphere and entertained our guests very well. Selwyn also put together a surprise item for me, which was totally unexpected and hilarious.

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Her Gown: Made to measure wedding and evening gown from Di Gio Bridal
His Suit: Di Gio Bridal
The Venue: Adam Road Presbyterian Centre and Four Seasons Hotel
The Caterer: Neo Garden
The Florist and Event Stylist: Zyn of Le Fairymeadow
The Makeup Artist: Yuki Fang (for morning), Joy Tan from The Style Atelier (for night)
The Wedding Planner: Brian and Penny from The Moment
The Decor: Le Fairymeadow
The Photographers: Ron Lee from Eyedeas Photography (with Gabriel Mendes from Gabriel Mendes Photography as 2nd shooter), Jonathan Wijaya from Live! Studios as roaming photographer with instant print.
The Videographer: Sam Tan from Vocare Media Production

Credits: Images by Ron Lee of Eyedeas Photography, Gabriel Mendes from Gabriel Mendes Photography, and Jonathan Wijaya of Live! Studios

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