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May 2016

Designer Feature: Sareh Nouri Spring 2017

The Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 collection celebrates timeless romance with spring florals.

Sareh Nouri introduced her Spring 2017 collection during the New York Bridal Fashion Week, at The London Hotel. Staying true to her aesthetic of timeless femininity and grace, the designer created a series of wedding dresses in classic silhouettes. “Each dress is inspired by the essence of the season, beautiful floral accents, and a fresh take on classic designs,” she says of her new collection.

Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 9Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 17Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 14Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 13Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 21Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 20Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 25Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 24

Using lightweight ultra-luxurious fabrics, Sareh Nouri crafts gowns with impeccable structure and fit. This season, the designer works with unique laces, glistening florals, and three-dimensional details to create her signature graceful, feminine look. Rich, intricate lace nods to vintage lace gowns, and ethereal tulle skirts gives gowns a touch of modern whimsy, especially in a soft, dove grey ball gown embroidered with roses. Long lace sleeves give the dresses a demure femininity, but using unique laces and pairing the sleeves with ball gown skirts or a whimsical skirt overlay keep the looks far from being staid. To capture spring’s bright air of romance, a ball gown is embellished with intricate gold floral embroidery along its voluminous skirt hem, and slim sheaths bare their backs for a youthful and lighthearted feel.

Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 16Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 15Sareh Nouri Spring 2017Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 8Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 3Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 23Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 22

To put a fresh spin on classic shapes, Sareh Nouri plays with little modern details on the gowns. Besides the designer’s signature floral lace, the Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 also uses bold, mirrored lace patterns and delicately shimmering sequinned lace for a contemporary touch. My favourite of the season features a whimsical star-crossed back that gives the simple silhouette a stunning and modern focus. Sareh Nouri gives today’s brides the trendy option of customising their looks in this collection too, with removable long-sleeved lace jackets, and detachable, ethereal skirt overlays.

Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 7Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 6Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 5Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 4Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 11Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 12Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 19Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 18Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 10

Along with the Sareh Nouri Spring 2017 bridal collection, the designer also unveiled her latest evening gowns. Stunning trumpet gowns allure with their sleek, minimalistic lines and bold colours. Rich mahogany and midnight tones and fine lace craft elegant gowns with classic boat necks and graceful a-line silhouettes. The jewel tones offer brides a compelling contrast for their evening look, while maintaining the beautiful elegance of Sareh Nouri’s Spring 2017 bridal selection.

Sareh Nouri is available at Truly Enamoured in Singapore, and internationally.

Credits: Images by Laura Gordon, courtesy of Sareh Nouri. Makeup by Nicck Townsend. Flowers by Laura Clare. Headpieces by Jennifer Behr.

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Designer Feature: Sareh Nouri Spring 2017