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August 2014

Designer Feature: Naeem Khan 2015 Spring/Summer Bridal

Naeem Khan’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is glamourously decadent, bursting with intricate embroidery and over-the-top veils. The extravagance of luxurious textiles and dramatic embellishment is balanced with classically feminine silhouettes. Like the designer’s red carpet creations, these wedding gowns are show-stoppers for the daring, fashion-forward bride.

Naeem Khan wedding gown 1 Naeem Khan wedding gown 6

Want to make the moment your groom lifts your veil a moment of pure drama? These long, lace and floral-appliqued veils will shroud you in feminine mystery until that dramatic moment when your groom unveils your beauty. For brides with a flair for the glamourous, there is also a long feather trimmed cape.

Naeem Khan wedding gown 4 Naeem Khan wedding gown 7

The gowns in the collection are all opulent and extravagent. Some are richly textured, with hand-sewn floral embellishments, intricate laser cut lace designs, embroidered jewels and sparkling beads on luxurious textiles. Others have a sleek, more contemporary look, with gleaming metallic fabrics and clean lines. The elaborate designs all heighten the sense that they are celebrating a momentous occasion. On her wedding day, the Naeem Khan bride is sure to exult in the glamour and excitement of her once-in-a-lifetime.

Naeem Khan wedding gown 9 Naeem Khan wedding gown 2

While textures are opulent, silhouettes are kept classic. Femininity is embraced with graceful mermaids, sheaths and modern ballgowns. Tulle skirts give some of the gowns a light-hearted, girlish appeal, while more form-fitting gowns skim curves in swirls of lace for a sultry aesthetic. Whatever style of glamour you desire, this luxurious collection is sure to deliver.

Naeem Khan is based in New York.

Images courtesy of Naeem Khan, excluding feature image.