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February 2016

Love in Unexpected Places with AndroidsinBoots’ Pre-Wedding Photography

Exploring the world with their destination pre-wedding photography, AndroidsinBoots captures those rare moments of joy and wonder as couples share the discovery of a foreign land together, illuminating their love with expressive, emotive images.

AndroidsinBoots [Still + Motion] is a team of passionate visual storytellers. Their distinctive style is a blend of eclecticism and sensitivity, that’s always looking to unearth true emotion, capture the unexpected, and find beauty in the ordinary. They see the world through an artist’s lens, framing it to show new and unconventional perspectives and evoke raw emotion.

Seeking to tell honest stories through beautiful photography, the team intensifies pure moments through aesthetic framing. A tender look bestowed upon a beloved face is captured with illuminating golden sunlight and wistful shadow. The solemn shadows veiling the mysteries of an ancient European church, lit only by tall candles, reflect a couple and the gravity of their commitment. The awe and wonder of a newly discovered land is expressed with unusual framing, taking in the raw expanse of sky and snow.

AndroidsinBoots pre wedding photography EuropeAndroids in Boots pre wedding photoshootAndroids in Boots pre wedding photography FranceAndroids in Boots pre wedding photoshoot winter

AndroidsinBoots’ approach to their engagement session photography is the same. They take their couples on adventures around the world, so that instead of the tired, worn smiles of people rigidly posing for the camera, the team captures genuine joy and wonder as a couple discovers new lands and immerses themselves in different cultures together. For AndroidsinBoots, travelling to a foreign land gives experiences an intensity that result in real emotion. They tell us, “Travel is, without a doubt, an endlessly inspiring experience that allows one to fully comprehend the splendour of the outside world. To us, travelling means leaving behind the familiarities of our everyday lives. There’s a heightened awareness to the smell of a new place, and we revel in the moments of landing somewhere new.”

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The team’s pre-wedding photography style stays true to this spirit of adventure and openness. Soft light, stolen, unencumbered moments, and a soulful experience of the foreign surroundings all combine to create heartbreaking images. Instead of only heading to iconic places for overseas pre-wedding photography, or relying on scenic views for a backdrop, AndroidsinBoots values the individual experience of simply exploring a space in that particular moment in time. They explain, “We think the experience of a place you have never been in, or may have already fallen in love with, is important. We embark on road trips and stop wherever something catches our eyes—the side of highways, streams, small roads.” These excursions lead to unexpected discoveries and character-filled photography.

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Trying to keep the photographs as true to the couple’s experience as possible, the team doesn’t direct too much. “We try not to orchestrate plans or do too much–the beauty of the town is emphasised with the act of meandering through it. Wandering down brick lanes into unknown streets, we always receive a gift from the city–be it a good coffee joint or the view of sunlight filtering through leaves,” they share.

Following a brook as you breathe in the smell of new grass, seeing the northern lights for the first time, or running, feet soaked, through brilliant white snow, the purity of these shared experiences translate into beautiful photographs. “An overseas pre-wedding photo shoot is a chance to disconnect with outside commitments and connect intimately with your loved one,” AndroidsinBoots tells couples. “Without the hindrance of phone calls and incoming emails, and all around surrounded by good weather and beautiful scenery, there is a certain radiance that shines through those who are there. And that beauty is reflected in the photographs.”

AndroidsinBoots pre-wedding overseasAndroidsinBoots’ 2016 destination pre-wedding photography schedule

If you’re looking to document your story someplace new this year, take a look at AndroidsinBoots’ destination pre-wedding photography schedule and promotional rates. Embark on an adventure with your love; contact them here.

Credits: Images and video by AndroidsinBoots [Still + Motion].

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Love in Unexpected Places with AndroidsinBoots’ Pre-Wedding Photography