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June 2015

A Moment To Remember

Many couples tend to be of the opinion that wedding videography is an area they can save on. After all, the likelihood of them watching their wedding video in the future is pretty low. Besides, a friend could always record the important moments like gatecrashing or their vow recitals on their smartphones, and it’ll basically be the same, right?

Wrong. Like these couples, I once thought it was an area I could save on. But after meeting the dynamic duo, Jude and Edwina, from Rekord Haus, I understand why wedding videography is vital to every bride’s wedding day, and why I and every other bride-to-be should splurge on this essential item.

Almost every couple start their search for a wedding photographer early on in their planning process but leave the hunt for a wedding videographer to the last minute. Regardless of their reasons for doing so, it’s time to change that mindset. Searching for a wedding videographer is just as important as finding a photographer. A good videographer possesses not only an eye for details and the knack to immortalise touching and memorable moments for eternity, he or she also requires a good ear for music, a sense of rhythm and a gift for piecing scenes together into a poignant video that will pull on the heartstrings of the couple and their guests.

And the perfect videographer is someone who not only fulfills all of the above criteria, but who is also capable of forming a personal bond with their couples. The creative duo behind Rekord Haus makes it a point to befriend their couples in order to document the wedding through the eyes of a friend, making it more personal, relatable and emotive. Their no-gimmicks, honest demeanor makes it extremely easy to feel at ease with them – which is always an important trait to look for in a wedding videographer.

Aside from chemistry, you should also trust your videographer to document your wedding day perfectly. With their six wonderful years of experience making happy videos for numerous couples, you can rely on Jude and Edwina to deliver a great record of your special day. All you have to do is to show them your personality and share your story with them. You can leave the rest in their capable hands. Rest assured that they will do whatever it takes to build you your very own fairytale with their talents and quick thinking.

But sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to tell a couple’s story in the same-day-edit wedding video. In that case, they can opt for a pre-wedding video. Jude and Edwina will be by the couple’s side every step of the way, from the brainstorming of ideas to the fine-tuning of details, until they’ve fulfilled the fullest potential of their story from courtship to the present day. Couples can also consider going for a pre-wedding video as a more modern alternative to the good ol’ childhood montage video. Aside from the same-day-edit and pre-wedding videos, Rekord Haus also offers a 30-second save-the-date video, perfect for couples who prefer sending an e-invite to their guests. Oh, and they also do proposal videos – a FYI for all the grooms-to-be looking to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

All Jude and Edwina, and their team of six videographers, at Rekord Haus want is to document their couples’ big day to its fullest potential and hopefully, gain lifelong friends out of the process, the sort who would take a joking bet over a session of coffee seriously, and turn up at their doorstep with a homemade Christmas wreath. If that sounds like the kind of videographers you are looking for for your big day, then don’t hesitate to meet up with them at their cosy workspace.

Email [email protected] or call +6581978355 to make an appointment with Rekord Haus. To view more of their videos, visit their Vimeo page.

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A Moment To Remember