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September 2014

A Coffee and Tea Session

It’s been 10 years since Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee first started animating love stories and capturing wedding moments. We have a chat to find outhow they keep on deliveringfreshly brewed creativity.

offee and Tea Dreamzcoffee Cwas founded when Creative Director Coffee Tang created caricatures of himself and his wife for their wedding website, which was an instant hit with their friends and family. As more and more friends came to ask for their own love stories to be animated, and as their wedding website grew in popularity, Coffee used his passion for animation, videography and photography to create beautiful and personalised love journeys for his friends. Ten years on, that passion is still fueling creative work and brewing lasting friendships.

Over a relaxed coffee and tea session, the team chats with couples and gets to know them and their journey better before starting on their wedding photography, videography or animation project. That personal sharing session is what enables them to produce fresh and creative work that is personalised to each couple. The team takes the time to find out unique story points and personality quirks, and the result of that relationship building is caricatures truly capture the couples’ identities, and photography and videography that narrate the couples’ experiences.

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Very popular with couples, Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s animation and caricatures have evolved over their ten years of drawing experience to suit their couples’ preferences. “Over the years we’ve introduced different drawing styles, and we also have couples coming to us to request for particular, customised styles such as manga, chibi, and cartoonist,” says the talented Creative Director. His ability to provide such a range of styles allows couples to choose the animation style that best shares their story with their wedding guests. As reflections of themselves, these characters and avatars become very close to their hearts. “We had a couple who requested versions of themselves as a bear and a panda for their wedding,” Coffee shares. “After a few years, the groom came back for a sequel to their story so that he could surprise his wife, which is something very touching!”

These avatars are a great way for couples to plan a fun, thematic wedding. For music-loving couples, Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee can turn their superstar dreams into reality with animated music videos or professionally filmed videos of the couples singing. With the team’s help writing music and lyrics, some of the couples use these music videos for their march-in processionals, or as wedding surprises for their spouses. Besides starring in wedding animatation videos, couples’ caricatures can also turn into life-sized mascots. Coffee adds, “Sometimes our couples want us to design frames for their instant print using their caricatures too.” The whole wedding theme can revolve around the cute, personalised characters as guests learn more about the couple’s story.

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Another favourite way for couples to document their journey is with Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s concept pre-wedding photography. “A concept pre-wedding shoot is shooting to a storyline,” Coffee explains. “We will brainstorm the couple’s love storyline first, then we go back to the places where they met and reenact it, to present their love narrative in photography.” The time spent getting to know couples and their stories is what helps Coffee and his team to come up with a unique, personalised story. Luckily for couples, Coffee has a lot of experience with cartoon storyboarding, which is a great asset when planning shots that work together to tell a cohesive narrative. The teams loves being a part of documenting couples’ treasured memories in their concept photography. “We feel that such photos will be more meaningful years later,” they explain.

Their approach to actual day photography is similar. Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee aim to take a journalistic, non-intrusive approach to capturing the events of that most special day. Their secret to capturing natural smiles and beautiful moments is the rapport they build with couples beforehand, by getting to know their likes and dislikes in sharing sessions before the actual day. Their couples then feel so comfortable and familiar around them it shows in the photography. As Coffee advises, “Relax and enjoy your wedding day for photos that turn out naturally beautiful!”

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From the start, Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee has taken a personal approach to their photography, videography and animation services. Over the past ten years, their passion for seeing couples happy has driven them to evolve their services, offering instant prints, live projection and other customisations to better serve their couples. While they innovate with trends and technology, one thing remains constant. “It has been ten years, but what’s still fresh is our passion,” says the directors, who strive to deliver freshly brewed creativity in every project.

They are celebrating their 10th anniversary with an exciting array of contests, a pre-honeymoon trip to Santorini for pre-wedding photography for one lucky couple, and their upcoming 10th Anniversary Open House on 4 October 2014, Saturday. At year’s end, they’re throwing a grand party for all the friends they’ve made over the last decade. To join in the celebrations, stay tuned to the events at Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s page. But after all the excitement, Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee still just want to sit down for a chat, and get to know you better before creating your dream wedding.

Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee may be contactedat+65 6337 1714 or[email protected].

Credits: Images by Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee.

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A Coffee and Tea Session