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September 2011

Freshly Brewed Creativity

In case you’re wondering, Coffee & Tea Dreamworks is not the name of a quaint little cafe. Instead, it’s a one-stop shop that fulfills your wedding photography, videography and animation needs. But one thing is for sure – you’ll still be able to get Coffee.

By that, we mean the imaginative and technically experienced Coffee Tang, who established Coffee & Tea Dreamworks in 2005 after his own wedding. “During my wedding preparation, I created two cartoon characters based on my wife-to-be and I, and posted them on my wedding website. I also screened the animation at my wedding, and that left a strong impression on my guests,” Coffee shares. “Even after the wedding, the hits on my website kept increasing and people wanted me to animate their love journey.”

That was how Coffee & Tea Dreamworks started. Together with his vibrant and professional team of photographers, videographers, designers and animators, Coffee aims to bring each and every couple’s personalities and love story to life. “Every bridal couple is special. We are the first in the industry to weave caricature cartoon characters that closely resemble the bridal couple,” explains Coffee. “This is possible only because we listen attentively to their love story and pick up interesting details to animate – in 2D or 3D.”

More than just animating love stories, Coffee & Tea Dreamworks also provides wedding photography and videography services. An accomplished photographer, Coffee is one who conceptualises before he clicks. Around him, the simple things in daily life – such as a loving gaze or a passionate hug – constantly inspire him. The result: Wonderfully artistic shots, with each frozen moment conveying pure and beautiful emotions. Perhaps that’s why their clients often feel that they’re reliving their weddings when they look through their photography albums.

But what makes a truly good photographer is how he interacts and connects with his clients. “During the process, my team and I will listen to the needs and requirements of each bridal couple. That’s how we understand what they want and what suits them,” reveals Coffee. Once, he graciously lent his own collection of Rolleiflex antique cameras as props to a bridal couple because they had wanted to portray a 20th century urban romance pre-wedding shoot.

At the Coffee & Tea studio, you’d find that the team is welcoming, accommodating and creative. It is precisely this friendly environment that encourages bridal couples to open up about their love journey and be inspired by new ideas. Coffee says: “Just think of Coffee & Tea as a close companion to every bridal couple, helping them fulfill their beautiful wedding dreams.”

For more information on rates and packages, visit Coffee & Tea Dreamworks hereor drop by Block 261, Waterloo Street, #02-18, Singapore 180261. Alternatively, call 6337 1714 or email [email protected].

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Freshly Brewed Creativity