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September 2012

Dreamz-ionLIVE it!

Here’s what you can expect on your wedding day: a roomful of your family and friends, plenty of happy tears and plenty more smiles, and a chorus of sharp clicks and flashes distinct to handheld cameras. Everyone at your wedding will be clamoring to take photos of the day and of you in that breathtaking wedding gown with their handheld cameras or smartphones. While you’re more than happy to pose for both cameras and smartphones, you might not have access to those taken with smartphones – unless you’re patient enough to make the rounds asking every one of your guests for them.

But you don’t have to resign yourself to the fact that you won’t be seeing most of the photos taken by smartphones, and that is certainly no reason for all your technology-forward guests to swap their smartphones for handheld cameras. Let SingaporeBrides introduce you to Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s solution to this dilemma, Dreamz-ionLIVE. A real-time live projection of interactive smartphone photography, Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s latest invention is the app every smartphone-photo-editing-app obsessed bride and wedding guest have been waiting for.

“We noticed that most of the wedding guests were taking snapshots of the day’s proceedings using their smartphones,” Coffee Tang, Creative Director at Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee, explains. “With three out of four Singaporeans owning a smartphone today, taking photos with one has become an increasingly common and popular habit in our daily lives. So, our developer, Fatt, was inspired to create an app that allows our couples and their guests to capitalise on their new-formed photo-taking habits and put those snapshots to good use.”

Here’s what Dreamz-ionLIVE can do: it allows users to add filters, frames and decorations to the photos taken on any smartphone and then share them with everyone at the wedding via the app. Guests can even let the couple know how happy they are for them by adding in well-wishes too. As for the happy couple themselves, they’ll be given access to the slideshow of photos. That way, even if they’re not on scene, they’ll still be kept in the loop so they won’t miss out on any moment during their big day. Photos sent in to the app will be stored and given to the couple after their wedding, so it acts a digital guest book as well.

For brides concerned with keeping your guests entertained and engaged throughout the day, Dreamz-ionLIVE is what you need. This app easily transforms anyone savvy with a smartphone into a photographer, whether they are five or 50 years old! And for those who aren’t sending in photos, they’ll be kept busy as the automated slideshow of photos are shown on the screen via the app. So, regardless of whether they are the ones sending in the photos or not, everyone will be entertained and have fun. That also means that each guest savvy with a smartphone is one more photographer covering your wedding. Together with the professional photographer you hired for the day, you can bet not even the smallest, most insignificant moment will be lost with all these other “photographers” around. Now, isn’t that just the perfect win-win situation?

“Here at Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee, we understand the importance of our couples’ wedding and their desire to capture and immortalise every moment of their joyous occasion,” Coffee says. “This motivates us to constantly be on the lookout for creative solutions that allows us to do just that.”

So Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s latest invention doesn’t just bring the people at the wedding together and make it that much more special to be at. It also brings those who cannot personally be there closer to the celebration and lets them in on the fun as well. Wherever they are, all they need to do is download Dreamz-ionLIVE onto their smartphones and send in photos and well-wishes for the happy couple. They will also be given access to view the exact slideshow of photos that is being shown at the wedding itself via this app.

“Since it was launched in June 2012, we’ve received positive feedback from our couples that Dreamz-ionLIVE has been a great channel for engaging and entertaining guests,” Coffee reveals. “To hear such positive feedback from them gives us motivation to be on the constant lookout for creative solutions that allows Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee to better our couples’ wedding experience.”

And the best part of Dreamz-ionLIVE lies in the fact that you can use it at any time, whether your wedding is a day or night affair. “In fact, Dreamz-ionLIVE is the perfect tool to broadcast the morning bridal pick-up if you’re planning a wedding luncheon,” Coffee Tang suggests yet another way this app can perk up your wedding. And because Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee understands that a couple’s wedding photos, whether they are professionally taken or otherwise, are the couple’s precious keepsakes, all the photos sent to Dreamz-ionLIVE will be compiled into a CD and given to the couple for keeping. Alternatively, the couple may request for the photos to be directly uploaded onto an album or their Facebook accounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your wedding into the smartphone era and give your guests a different wedding experience with Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee’s Dreamz-ionLIVE now!

Contact Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee at [email protected] or call +65 6337 1714 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

Image credits: Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee

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