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July 2014

DIY Tutorial: Pop Up Wreath Guestbook

Inject extra creativity into your intimate wedding with a unique guestbook, where your loved ones and kin write their well wishes in pop up leaves.

This 3D wreath will look lovely as reception signage with your initials, and create a beautiful memento of your wedding day in your newlywed home!

Here’s what you need:

  • 12” x 12” cardstock in contrasting colours
  • Craft knife or pen knife
  • Craft mat
  • Wreath template
  • Frame

Time taken: About 20 mins

Average cost: $3

1: Print out the wreath template on a sheet of A3 sized paper, or print on two sheets of A4 using the screen capture tool in Adobe Reader. Draw in your initials on either side of the ‘plus’ sign. You could pencil in the date of your wedding instead of your initials, if you like. Secure the template to one sheet of cardstock using tape or paper clips. Carefully cut along the template using your craft knife, pressing through to cut the cardstock underneath.

unique creative wedding guestbook wreath diy

2: Remove the template, and check to see that you have made clean cuts on your cardstock. Tidy up edges if necessary. Pop each leaf up and fold them to open them up. Pop out the flower shapes and initials to leave cut outs.

unique creative wedding guestbook wreath diy

3: Place your cut cardstock on top of a contrasting colour, and slide both sheets carefully into a frame. If the glass of your frame cannot be removed, try sticking the cardstock onto the glass itself.

Tip: Using a sheet of plain paper on top of the cut outs prevents the leaves from catching and tearing when slipping your wreath design into a frame.

Unique creative wedding guestbook wreath diy

Pop out the leaves, lay out a fancy pen, and your creative guestbook is ready to do double duty as reception table décor! Invite your guests to sign their names in the leaves and create a beautiful keepsake of your special day.

creative wedding guestbook diy wreath

Credits: Bouclair Tea Light Holder Birds in Gold, White Textured Vase, Owl Decorative Figure and Tea Light Holder Bird in Blue from Spotlight.

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DIY Tutorial: Pop Up Wreath Guestbook