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January 2015

DIY Tutorial – Art Deco Chair Signs

Make your own Art Deco DIY wedding chair signs! Just cut and paste along with this easy DIY tutorial and add some 1920s Great Gatsby glamour to your bridal chairs.

If you’re as in love with the Great Gatsby wedding theme as I am, you’re going to like what I have for you today! This step-by-step chair signs DIY tutorial will show you how to make Art Deco chair signs in a geometric fan design, as seen in our Glamourous 1920s Beauty Editorial. Using the bold colours and stylised geometric motifs of the Art Deco design era, these DIY chair signs are perfect for the Gatsby-loving Mr and Mrs.

You will need:
Three different colours of cardstock
Glass beads
Art Deco Chair Signs Fan Template
Art Deco Chair Signs Details Template
Cutting mat
Tweezers (optional)

Time taken each: 20 minutes
Average cost: $3.50 for a pair of signs

Art Deco Chair Signs 1

1: Cut out an A5 sized piece of cardstock. Using the quarter-circle from the Art Deco Chair Signs Details Template as a guide, cut out each corner on your card. This will be the base of your chair sign.

Tip: Cut an A4 piece of cardstock into half to make two pieces, one for the MR sign and one for the MRS!

Art Deco Chair Signs 9

2. Use the Art Deco Chair Signs Fan Template and a different coloured cardstock to create the fan design. You will need to cut two of each smaller side fan pieces, and only one bigger center fan piece. If you are using one-sided cardstock, flip the template pieces around before cutting out the second pieces to get symmetrical shapes.

Art Deco Chair Signs 8

3. To make your fan design, arrange the smaller side pieces, slightly overlapping one another, to the sides of the center piece. Tape or glue the pieces securely together.

Art Deco Chair Signs 7

4. Tape or glue the fan design onto the back of your base piece.

Art Deco Chair Signs 6

5. Cut out the detail motifs and type from the Art Deco Chair Signs Details Template.

Art Deco Chair Signs 5

6. Glue the squares onto the back of the base pieces, at each corner.

Art Deco Chair Signs 4

7. Using a ruler as a guide, glue on the type in the center of the base piece. Glue on the detail motifs.

Art Deco Chair Signs 3

8. Glue on the glass beads in two rows framing the center diamond motif, and in two accents on the left and right sides of the base. If you have shaky hands like I do, use tweezers!


Your Art Deco Chair Signs are ready to glam up your Great Gatsby wedding! Personalise them according to your wedding colours, or add more sparkle by using a glittery cardstock. Making these signs, I’m just dreaming of the day when I can put on a jazz record, break out my bejewelled bonanza of a dress and turn back the clock to a glamourous old world in a themed wedding.

Art Deco Chair Signs 2

Credits: Feature image by A Little Moment Photography / cropped from original.

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DIY Tutorial – Art Deco Chair Signs